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MLB 12 The Show: See the New Miami Marlins Ballpark

Posted by on Feb 08, 2012

Sports fans –

I’m psyched to give you a sneak peak at the new Miami Marlins ballpark in South Beach, courtesy of MLB 12 The Show. Have a look at where new acquisitions Jose Reyes, Mark Buehrle, and Heath Bell will be calling home this year…

After winning two World Series in less than 20 years since their inaugural 1993 season, 2012 ushers in a name change and a new ballpark for the Marlins. Before we could add this new ballpark to MLB 12 The Show, we had to gather as much information as possible in order to faithfully recreate every inch of this stadium exactly as it stands in Miami. Project Coordinator Jennifer Kacizak and

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MLB 12 The Show Soundtrack Revealed

Posted by on Jan 05, 2012

Hey Everyone,

Every year we try to assemble a diverse and entertaining soundtrack for MLB The Show. We look to create a balance of established bands and some lesser known, up and coming artists, that offer great music. We all know that music is subjective and it can be tough to create a soundtrack with songs that everybody loves – although we always try! This is one reason why we offer the “My MLB Music” in our “Sounds of the Show” suite of features – so without further adieu, here’s a look at our soundtrack for MLB 12, including the artists, tracks, and websites to find more info about the artists.

Welcome to The Show!

“Gold on the Ceiling”
Performed by The Black Keys

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