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Long-Awaited Indie Adventure Chasm Launches Today for PS4, PS Vita

Posted by on Jul 31, 2018

When I announced that Chasm was finally complete and had a launch date, I fully expected to be met with all of the waiting memes. I was not disappointed.

Chasm came to public view for the first time right around our Kickstarter in April 2013, but in some ways it’s been in process a lot longer. Have a seat and hear my tale of how Chasm came to be. But before I begin, please check out our brand new launch trailer above!

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Chasm Hits PS4, PS Vita July 31

Posted by on Jul 09, 2018

Unlike some other games that are developed in secret and then announced about six months before launch, Chasm has been in the public eye pretty much from the beginning. Our first post about the game was on back in January 2013, and we launched a successful Kickstarter campaign just a few months later. It is with a combination of pride, exuberation, relief, and fear that I am hereby officially announcing that we will be launching on July 31! The price will be $19.99.

Although we’ve been very public about our development process, there’s no way everyone can keep up with every game in development, so here’s a quick summary of the game: Chasm is an RPG-adventure in which you play the role of a new recruit who’s sent to investigate why a nearby mining town has shut down. As you explore, you discover all sorts of supernatural creatures you need to battle to uncover the mystery of what’s happening with the town, and how you can save them.

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Chasm Lands on PS4, PS Vita This Summer

Posted by on Apr 02, 2018

If you were deciding whether to get a PS4 back in 2014, you may have walked up to a demo kiosk at your local Best Buy or Target and tried out a game called Chasm. Or maybe you were already familiar with it from the time it first hit the public eye the year before when it blew away its funding goal on Kickstarter. And then you may have wondered whatever became of that game that reminded you of your favorite games from back in the day.

Well, I’m happy to report that the little team that could is now putting the final touches on this passion project that has consumed five people for nearly six years. We expect to be submitting the final game to Sony in a couple months and launching this summer. We’ve created a teaser trailer to whet your appetite which you can watch above.

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RPG Platformer Chasm Coming to PS4 This Year

Posted by on Apr 30, 2014

Hello, PlayStation fans! My name is James Petruzzi, and I’m the Producer of Chasm, a procedurally-generated RPG Platformer coming to PS4 later this year. In Chasm, players take up the role of Daltyn, a young soldier sent to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a mining crew in the remote mountain town of Karthas. Upon arrival you learn the town has been cut off from the outside world by supernatural forces. Now trapped, you are left with no option but to explore the mines below the town and uncover the source of the disturbances.

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