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SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy Lands on PS4 Today

Posted by on Sep 07, 2018

SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy’s title says it all: play alone or with up to four friends in tag team matches. Choose from SNK’s top-tier ladies like Athena, Kula, Shermie, and many more, customize their appearance to your liking, and unleash crazy hits that will knock your opponent off their feet! Combos and special attacks have been made very accessible with “one-button specials” and simplified controls.

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Disgaea 1 Complete Revealed for PS4

Posted by on Apr 19, 2018

Disgaea 1 Complete will show fans the origins of this critically-acclaimed strategy RPG series that took the West by storm back in 2003. For those of you who are new to the Disgaea franchise, this is the true beginning of it all and definitely a game you won’t want to miss.

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The Witch and the Hundred Knight 2 Out Today on PS4

Posted by on Mar 27, 2018

From the developers of Disgaea and Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk, Nippon Ichi Software brings The Witch and the Hundred Knight 2 exclusively to PS4 today! For those of you who are worried about not having played the first game, fret not! The stories may take place in the same world, but they are standalone tales.

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The Past and Present Collide in The 25th Ward: The Silver Case on PS4

Posted by on Dec 18, 2017

The 25th Ward was originally released as a mobile phone game back in 2005 exclusively to Japan. Set seven years after the events of The Silver Case, a string of new mysteries emerge as new and familiar faces converge to solve the murders that plague the 25th Ward.

Now with the PS4 remake on the way, Suda51 himself — as well as Grasshopper Manufacture Director Nobutaka Ichiki — sits down with us to discuss his journey from past to present. Below is an exclusive interview with Suda51 and Nobutaka Ichiki and their vision for the remake of The 25th Ward: The Silver Case.

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Play Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana Today With Free Demo

Posted by on Aug 29, 2017

Hey there! This is Judith from NIS America, and I’m here to bring you some exciting news about the most epic action RPG of 2017… Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana! Those of you who have been anticipating the demo can finally dive into the Isle of Seiren today on PS4.

While I’m sure there are many Ys fans (like myself) who are super excited about this news, there must also be some newcomers to this 30-year running franchise. In a nutshell, the series revolves around the adventures of Adol Christin, a brave, red-headed adventurer who has some pretty awful luck with ships. In Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana, Adol awakens on a cursed island known as the Isle of Seiren after surviving a disaster at sea. Here, he works to find his fellow shipwrecked passengers in order to escape the accursed isle.

In the midst of this, he begins to dream of a mysterious blue-haired maiden named Dana. What secrets does this cursed isle hold? Who is Dana? Well, you gotta play the game to find out!

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Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony – Demo & Digital Preorders Arrive Today

Posted by on Aug 25, 2017

Puhuhu! This is Judith from NIS America, here to let everyone know that the long-awaited Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony demo is now available for free at PlayStation Store! The demo gives you a special chapter not found in the main game as well as a taste of Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony’s new features! Moreover, the game is now available for digital preorder at PS Store, and those who preorder digitally will receive a free theme!

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Touhou Genso Wanderer Marches Onto PS4 and PS Vita Tomorrow, DLC Detailed

Posted by on Mar 20, 2017

Hey everyone! This is Judith from NIS America and I’m here to announce that Touhou Genso Wanderer will be available on PS4 and digitally on PS Vita tomorrow! In a previous blog post, my colleague Jordan introduced this game and what to expect from it.

As a roguelike with challenging, randomly-generated dungeons, this is a game that I believe all gamers will have a good time playing. I mean, who doesn’t love strategy and crazy dungeons full of Touhou characters? You can soon save the land of Gensokyo with Reimu and her chosen sidekick!

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God Wars Future Past Graces PS4 and PS Vita on March 28

Posted by on Jan 18, 2017

Hi there, doods! This is Judith from NIS America, and I’m here to announce that strategy RPG God Wars Future Past will arrive in the West on March 28 for PS4 and PS Vita as a physical and digital release! We’ve even got a special trip to Japan for one lucky gamer when the game launches, so keep reading for more info, dood!

God Wars Future Past takes place in an ancient era of Japanese mythology shrouded in mystery. Boasting an impressive musical score, breathtaking story elements, and unforgettable character designs, God Wars is a tale that will resonate with all gamers who enjoy the thrill of a classic strategy RPG!

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