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Flywrench Launches February 14 on PS4

Posted by on Feb 09, 2017

Hello, lovely people! I hope you enjoy our Valentine’s Day gift to you — a new game from us at Messhof, the creators of Nidhogg! Flywrench launches on PS4 February 14!

Flywrench is a tough-as-nails, masorcore-ish game that’s somewhere between a platformer and a physics puzzle. We’ve been working on it since 2007 if you can believe it — you might even have played Mark’s early prototype version of the game! If you play games like Team Meat’s Super Meat Boy (actually, Flywrench was a playable character!) or Roll7’s OlliOlli, then this is right up your alley.

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Goofy and Gross Battles Abound in Nidhogg 2, Out Next Year on PS4

Posted by on Nov 04, 2016

Great news for players of Nidhogg, the stabby multiplayer sword fighting game you love to play at parties and on lunch breaks… we are making Nidhogg 2! Swords, throwing knives, bow and arrows, giant axes, and head stomps! Beautiful new levels to explore and exploit! Electronic soundscapes to get stuck in your head and amp you up as you battle your friends and foe! We are launching Nidhogg 2 on PS4 in 2017, so get ready to make some frenemies with your boss, or start a war with your roommate!

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Nidhogg Out Today on PS4, Vita, PSTV

Posted by on Oct 14, 2014

Today is the day, friends! Nidhogg is out on PS4, Vita, and Playstation TV! If you haven’t played it already, its a crazy fun two-player fencing-fighting game great for parties and awesome for online and offline play at home. The launch price is $14.99, and for PS Plus members, it’s on sale for $11.99 until October 28th.

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Nidhogg Coming to PS Vita: Cross-Buy, Online Play, and More

Posted by on Aug 28, 2014

We are super stoked to announce that Nidhogg is coming to PS Vita, and it will be released simultaneously with the PS4 version! It will be cross-buy, so if you grab one you’ll get both the PS4 and PS Vita versions. How dope is that?!

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Nidhogg on PS4: Sidescrolling Competitive Fencing Action

Posted by on Apr 30, 2014

Hello blogizens, we at Messhof are super excited to announce that Nidhogg is coming to PS4! The game has always been best played with gamepads, so we’re pumped to be working with Sony on our newest release of Nidhogg.

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