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Soul Sacrifice Updated Today with 16 New Quests

Posted by on Oct 08, 2013

Hello PlayStation gamers! We’ve been releasing free updates for Soul Sacrifice for the past five months. It’s bittersweet for us to share that today’s big 1.30 update, which adds 16 challenging new quests, will be the final one. Make sure you update your game to version 1.30 today!

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Destiny of Spirits on PS Vita Detailed

Posted by on Oct 07, 2013

In Destiny of Spirits, building powerful spirits and working cooperatively with other users will be the key to progress successfully in the game. If you haven’t heard of Destiny of Spirits yet, it is a free-to-play, location-based, social strategy game for the PlayStation Vita. Players from around the world work cooperatively in turn-based, RPG style action to battle fierce Chaos spirits. Today, I’d like to talk about summoning, merging and renting supporter spirits as well as items that can be used to help maximize your game progress.

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Soul Sacrifice on Vita Gets Eight Free Quests and New Boss DLC

Posted by on Aug 06, 2013

We’re excited to announce that we will be launching eight new quests and two new boss characters on August 6th!

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Destiny of Spirits on PS Vita: The World Unites in Battle

Posted by on Jul 25, 2013

Hello PlayStation.Blog readers! In our last blog post, we provided an overview of Destiny of Spirits, a PS Vita game launching this year. Today, we’re back to share more details about its social aspects.

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More Free Soul Sacrifice DLC Coming Tuesday

Posted by on Jun 05, 2013

Today, we’re announcing that there will be eight more quests and two new boss characters — “Dwarf” and “Ogre” — added on June 11th! Be sure to download the free unlock key on that day.

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The Sounds of Soul Sacrifice: Get the Soundtrack on PSN Today

Posted by on May 07, 2013

Hi, everyone! We hope you are all enjoying Soul Sacrifice!

We’ve been talking about the music of Soul Sacrifice for quite a while. Many of you have asked if the soundtrack will be available for purchase. Good news: the Soul Sacrifice Original Soundtrack will be available exclusively on the PlayStation 3 PSN Store today!

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Soul Sacrifice Out Next Week, New Pre-Order Trailer

Posted by on Apr 24, 2013

Remember — online multiplayer support for the demo will end when the game launches next Tuesday, so if you’ve been curious to see how the infrastructure online handles, check it out sooner rather than later. Just as importantly: your save files carry over to the finished game, and doing so is the only way to get your hands on a special magical Offering, so check out the demo if you haven’t already.

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Soul Sacrifice: Demo Out Today, Saves Transfer to Full Game

Posted by on Apr 16, 2013

Your first reaction to the demo might be, “Holy moly, this is a LOT of demo!” …And you’d be right! The entire first chapter of the full game is included, all of which is playable with up to three other friends via online or ad-hoc multiplayer.

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