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Dreadnought Officially Launches Today, Charts a Course for 2018

Posted by on Dec 05, 2017

Fellow captains, welcome to Dreadnought’s official launch on PS4! It feels great to finally remove the beta moniker and officially be live. This game is the culmination of years of work across two continents by teams that live and breathe colossal capital ships. From the intense battles of Team Deathmatch to the punishing, unrelenting waves of ships in Havoc mode, Dreadnought is a one-of-a-kind capital spaceship action shooter, and I would like to congratulate the team for a job well-done (of course, we’re definitely not done yet).

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Command Your Ship in Dreadnought, Coming to PS4 in 2017

Posted by on Dec 03, 2016

You stand at the helm of a massive spaceship, awestruck by the tons of steel and hundreds of crew members at your command. With a single word, you have the power to unleash earth-shattering weapons that will leave a lasting mark on the Solar System. That’s the feeling I want you to have every moment you play Dreadnought, which I’m excited to announce will be coming to console next year –exclusively on PS4!

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