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The Pathless: Giant Squid’s New Adventure is About Archery, Falconry and Mythic Atmos...

Posted by on Dec 06, 2018

Since the day we released Abzû, the team at Giant Squid and I have been focused on creating a new adventure. The Pathless is rooted in our signature artistic and atmospheric style, but adds some new excitement to the mix. I’m thrilled to finally be able to share some details about it with you!

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Abzu Delves Into the Ocean Depths on PS4 Today

Posted by on Aug 02, 2016

Abzu is an underwater adventure that evokes the dream of scuba diving. Graceful swimming controls let you guide the Diver’s movement like a fluid ballet under the waves. You will discover hundreds of unique species based on real creatures, and interact with schools of thousands of fish that procedurally respond to you, each other, and predators. There is no air gauge to worry about so you are free to linger. Casting aside the trappings of scuba simulation is how Abzu brings focus to the real heart of diving — experiencing the majesty of the ocean and the magic of discovering a surreal new world.

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Explore a Lush and Mysterious Ocean World in Giant Squid’s ABZÛ

Posted by on Jun 12, 2015

We’ve got some new information to share about ABZÛ, and we are very excited to be giving players their first hands-on demo at the PlayStation E3 booth next week!

ABZÛ roughly translates to “The Ocean of Wisdom” from old Sumerian. This ancient, mythic concept is central to the narrative of our game: a universal story told purely through imagery and sound. You play as a lone diver who descends deeper and deeper into the sea, searching for her true purpose. Encounters with majestic creatures await and forgotten secrets lie hidden in dense kelp forests, sparkling reefs, and the murky abyss.

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ABZÛ, Giant Squid’s First Project, Coming to PS4

Posted by on Jun 12, 2014

We are very excited to give you an early glimpse of ABZÛ, Giant Squid‘s first project, coming to PS4. ABZÛ will take players on an epic adventure into the depths of the ocean, where they will encounter majestic creatures and discover long lost secrets.

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