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Folding@home Petaflop Barrier Crossed

Posted by on Sep 19, 2007

The momentum and excitement for the Folding@home project continues. This time it’s something that the Folding community and the computer science field as a whole have been anxiously awaiting — the crossing of a milestone known as a petaflop. A petaflop equals one quadrillion floating point operations per second (FLOPS). If you’d like to imagine […]

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Folding@home Update

Posted by on Aug 21, 2007

We are all very excited here for the release of the new Folding@home (FAH) client for the PS3! This latest update addresses issues in two major areas: user requests and improving the accuracy of the core that we have running on the SPU. In addition, we totally revised the rendering engine for the molecules and […]

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