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I am Bread Launches on PS4 August 25th

Posted by on Aug 14, 2015

I am Bread is coming to PS4 on August 25th — we’re so excited, we decided to tell you all of our deepest, darkest secrets.

We already told you all about the game’s development in a previous blog post, so for this, we wanted to let you know about some little things that we hid beneath the surface of the extremely complex story of the game.

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Surgeon Simulator Anniversary Edition on PS4 August 12th

Posted by on Aug 07, 2014

We are delighted, happy, excited — all of the good words — to announce that Surgeon Simulator, Anniversary Edition is almost here. On August 12th we’re going to unleash it on the PS4 in North America and then stand back and marvel as the universe changes.

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Surgeon Simulator Coming to PS4

Posted by on Jun 10, 2014

When we first heard that the new generation consoles were arriving, we were super excited about the possibility that the game — OUR game — could be one of the titles available for PS4 owners to enjoy.

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