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Starhawk Lands in PlayStation: The Official Magazine

Posted by on Feb 10, 2012

We loved Warhawk’s frenetic online battles back in the PS3’s early days, so we’re excited about its spiritual successor Starhawk — this month’s cover star for PlayStation: The Official Magazine. An innovative Build & Battle system that allows players to quickly and intuitively construct fortifications looks to ramp up the multiplayer action, while the all-new campaign fleshes out the universe and introduces us to space cowboy badass Emmett Graves. We can’t wait to jump into a Hawk and take the battle to the stars.

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Twisted Metal returns to PlayStation: The Official Magazine

Posted by on Jan 18, 2012

PlayStation’s longest running franchise has already graced PTOM’s cover once (our November 2010 issue), but we just can’t get enough of Sweet Tooth and the rest of the demented Twisted Metal gang. As the February 14th release date of PS3’s next big exclusive nears, we visit developer Eat Sleep Play and get the lowdown on the game’s multiplayer modes. We also managed to walk away with breakdowns on vehicle strengths and weaknesses courtesy of David Jaffe himself, as well as maps and strategy tips for four locations.

The February issue also means its time for our 2011 Game of the Year awards! Time to throw out the review scores and reflect on the year’s greatest gaming experiences away from the pressures of impending deadlines. It’s one last opportunity for the PTOM crew to argue, debate, and pummel each other into submission and agreement. Sure, some of the choices might be predictable, but even we were surprised by some of the winners.

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PlayStation: The Official Magazine Stalks Assassin’s Creed: Revelations

Posted by on Oct 24, 2011

As Ezio Auditore’s trilogy approaches its thrilling conclusion, PTOM’s December issue offers previously unreleased plot details, hands-on impressions of new gameplay elements, and a breakdown on some of the Revelation’s new weaponry. But the most surprising reveal may be the nature of the link between Ezio and Altair. We’re busy sharpening our blades in anticipation for the franchise’s thrilling, bloody finale.

Speaking of sharp, we also examine the most creative minds working on the next wave of PS3 games in our “PlayStation’s Ten Smartest Developers” feature. Who are they? What are the games that built their legacy? And what are they working on next? Every one of our top ten is worthy of their slot, but we had to make some difficult cuts to trim the list. Will you agree with our picks or be outraged at the omissions? We’re certain you’ll let us know.

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