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Eight Ways Earthlock: Festival of Magic Honors, and Exceeds, Old-school RPGs

Posted by on Jan 10, 2017

Earthlock: Festival of Magic is a turn-based RPG that’s launching January 27 on PS4. While its foundations lie in the classic stylings of the genre, it’s been built to take advantage of modern trends and feel contemporary. Lead artist Fredrik Dahl from Snowcastle Games walked us through the juxtaposition of the Revered and the New that makes Earthlock an interesting proposition for RPG fans.

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Red Johnson’s Chronicles: Tales of an Indie PSN Developer

Posted by on Jun 16, 2011

One of the advantages of my job is that when I like a game I can contact the developers and learn more about the game’s development background. The following interview is with Djamil Kemal from Lexis Numérique and I hope that you enjoy the interview as much as I enjoyed the game.

Red Johnson’s Chronicles is the most recent addition to PlayStation Store from French indie studio Lexis Numerique.

Djamil Kemal, Lexis Numérique: Adventure games seem to have suffered in the past few years. This can be partly explained by the fact that adventure games were mainly PC focused and that most of the non-core gaming market has moved toward home consoles.

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