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High Velocity Bowling: My Favorite Stuff

Posted by on Dec 06, 2007

Hi again guys & gals! Finally, the launch of High Velocity Bowling is almost here…a much anticipated day for me and Team Ramrod down here at SCEA San Diego. I’ve already talked a bunch about the game and some of the characters, but I thought I’d take this opportunity on launch day to point out […]

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Bowling, anyone?

Posted by on Nov 13, 2007

Hey again everybody – P.J. Snavely here, Sr. Producer on High Velocity Bowling. HVB is the first foray onto the PLAYSTATION Network from the group of talented (and modest) developers down here at SCEA San Diego. I’m happy to reveal that the game is in the final stages of approval for the PLAYSTATION Store and […]

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Portable Domination

Posted by on Sep 26, 2007

Hey all! I’m P.J. Snavely, senior producer for SCEA here in sunny San Diego. For everybody that read my last post on High Velocity Bowling and left comments, thank you very much. I’m looking forward to the release of that title in the next few weeks. I also share time on another project that’s been […]

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Infinite Monkey Theory

Posted by on Jun 12, 2007

Hi everyone. This is PJ, and I’m a senior producer at SCEA San Diego. There has been a ton of talk about the origins of High Velocity Bowling since the title was shown at Gamer’s Day in May. We didn’t get a whole lot of coverage during the event, due to all of the other […]

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