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Tales of Voice Recording: A Tales of Xillia Update

Posted by on Nov 05, 2012

Hello everyone, my name is Ted Tsung and I am the North American Producer for Tales of Xillia for NAMCO BANDAI Games America. I’m happy to announce that we recently completed our voice recording session for the game, an extremely important part of the localization process. It’s a huge milestone for us to pass and it means that Tales of Xillia is that much closer to its 2013 release.

Eight hours of voice recording across an eight week span, filled with late nights catching up on emails, proofing, and preparation for the following day. It’s a grueling process that’s both physically and mentally taxing. It’s also quite a long hiatus away from the familiarity of the NAMCO BANDAI office and home.

And yet, despite all of this, it was a fantastic experience, all thanks to the support from Cup of Tea, 8-4, and the voice actors.

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