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Save a Mysterious World in Hob, Out Tomorrow on PS4

Posted by on Sep 25, 2017

Fellow Adventurers,

A little over two years have gone by since we announced Hob, and now we’re crossing the finish line: Hob launches tomorrow!

Many of your questions about Hob have been along the lines of “What is this world?” We’re dying to hear your own theories as you play, but we also created a webcomic (illustrated and inked by our concept artist Kristina Ness), to reveal backstory you won’t find in the game. The comic features our construct, who we affectionately nicknamed Jeeves, through the many years he has waited for you.

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Hob: Out September 26 on PS4, Trophy Contest, New Trailer

Posted by on Aug 01, 2017

Hi PlayStation Nation,

It’s Wonder from Runic Games, here with a jam-packed update on Hob. Let’s get straight to the big news in our new trailer: Hob launches on September 26! This is a big milestone –we know you’ve been waiting patiently for a release date.

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Hob: A Beautiful, Dangerous World from the Torchlight Team

Posted by on Dec 05, 2015

The darkness rumbles to life. Massive gears turn their teeth, shifting ancient monoliths into place. Dappled forest light beckons you from your chamber, entering an unknown world buzzing with life above and whirring with mysterious machinery below. Welcome to the beautiful and dangerous world of Hob on PS4.

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