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NBA 2K14’s Eco-Motion Engine Brings Players to Life on PS4

Posted by on Nov 06, 2013

What an exciting year for everyone in the video game industry. The team here at 2K has seen a lot over the years, and experienced countless new system launches. But we’ve never seen one like this year, with the launch of PS4. It’s an old cliché that new technology allows developers to take their products to the next level, but that’s never been truer than now. As work began on NBA 2K14 for PS4, the next-gen technology inspired our developers at Visual Concepts to develop a completely new experience from the ground up. NBA 2K14 on PS4 will feature re-built game modes, stunning life-like graphics, and a brand new gameplay engine.

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Hands-on with NBA 2K14 on PS4

Posted by on Oct 25, 2013

The dedicated team behind the next-gen edition of NBA 2K14 has an eye for detail. And not just a normal, everyday eye; they have hundreds of eyes, hell-bent on making this the best basketball experience in video game history.

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Top Spin 4 Serves Up PlayStation Move, Stereoscopic 3D Tomorrow

Posted by on Mar 14, 2011

Hi guys! I’m here today to share some details for Top Spin 4, in stores tomorrow, March 15th in the US and March 18th internationally. A quick reminder: if you pre-order from GameStop today, you can still get a Vintage Andre Agassi, mullet and all!
Top Spin is one of my favorite video game franchises because it truly redefines the way you experience the sport of tennis. Intuitive controls make gameplay immediately accessible, yet deep and rewarding for the tennis experts who want to plan their strategy and target their opponent’s weaknesses.

Top Spin 4 also has two PS3-related features: the use of PlayStation Move and 3D. Recently, I interviewed 2K Czech game designer Remi Ercolani for background on the use of PlayStation Move and 3D.

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NBA 2K11 Gets Free Stereoscopic 3D Update on January 16th

Posted by on Jan 13, 2011

Ronnie2K here! Back in October, I discussed NBA 2K11’s PlayStation Move functionality along with a deep look on all the great features NBA 2K11 has to offer. And if you ever have suggestions for NBA2K, hit me up on Twitter and follow us on Facebook. NBA 2K11 has garnered more than two dozen Sports Game […]

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Taking NBA 2K11 To The Next Level – 3D

Posted by on Nov 16, 2010

Hey all! Ronnie2K here back again to discuss all things NBA 2K11. If you missed my last submission on the PlayStation.Blog where I discussed the Move along with a background on all the great features 2K11 has to offer, you can catch it here. If you ever have feedback on a feature, don’t hesitate to […]

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NBA 2K11 for PS3: Michael Jordan, PlayStation Move Details, and Much More

Posted by on Sep 08, 2010

Hi guys! Ronnie here from 2K Sports. I am the Community Manager here and the point person for our fans. Have feedback on a feature for NBA 2K11? Want to get an idea in the game? You have my ear and can always reach me on Twitter. Drop me a line anytime! You probably remember […]

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