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3D Dot Game Heroes: Your One-Stop Shop for Natural Sword Enhancement

Posted by on Feb 04, 2010

PlayStation Blog readers, No one wants it to be them: the King tasks you with slaying evil and saving the kingdom and suddenly you’re unable to get the job done. You come up short. You can’t perform. So why sit around wondering if you’ll be up to the challenge of rescuing Dotnia? It’s time to […]

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3D Dot Game Heroes Goes Retro on PS3 this May

Posted by on Nov 17, 2009

Many words and terms are frequently thrown around in relation to classic gaming: retro, old school, and so forth. Often, games will be referred to as throwbacks, praised for their ability to induce nostalgia and capture the magic of the golden era of gaming. But really, what does “retro,” or any of those terms for […]

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