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Metro Redux: Free Trials Available Today on PS4

Posted by on Jun 02, 2015

If you never got around to playing the Metro series, we have some very good news for you! 4A Games has created two huge, free demos — one for Metro 2033 Redux and one for Metro: Last Light Redux — that are available today on PS4.

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Metro Redux: Two Games, 1080p on PS4

Posted by on May 22, 2014

I could say how excited we are to be showing you this trailer, but I have an idea of what you really want to know… so let’s just cut to the chase. Metro Redux runs at 1080p, 60FPS on PlayStation 4. We had to sneak the PS4 development kits into Kiev to make it happen, but we wholeheartedly think it was worth it… Metro Redux includes Metro 2033 (for the first time ever on a PlayStation platfrom) and Metro: Last Light, remastered for PlayStation 4, with all the gameplay, AI, gunplay, and graphical improvements we added in Last Light now applied to both games.

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