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All Zombies Must Die! shuffling onto PSN December 27

Posted by on Dec 22, 2011

Hello! Today I bring news that our Arcade-RPG All Zombies Must Die! will be ambling onto the PlayStation Store December 27.

AZMD is a twin-stick shooter taken to lofty new heights with a bevy of RPG features and four player co-op. As the zombie apocalypse arrives in the town of Deadhill it falls to four unlikely heroes to defend humanity and save the day. Jack, the gamer; Rachel, the girl; Brian, the geek and Luxo, the alien must undertake insane quests, craft crazy weapons and generally put down as many zombies as humanly possible. With comical references and a fourth-wall-breaking script to tie it all together, AZMD presents the zombie apocalypse in a whole new light.

To coincide with the festive period, we also have a range of zombie companions arriving on PlayStation Home. While it’s true that all zombies must die, and the undead are foul creatures that should be riddled with bullets without a moment’s hesitation, they do make rather charming pets. Jogger, SWAT and Crazy zombie companions – in addition to Luxo the alien – can be downloaded from PlayStation Home TODAY!

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All Zombies Must Die! Brings Big Heads and Zombies to PlayStation Home

Posted by on Oct 28, 2011

Hello! You may remember Doublesix Games from 2009’s Burn Zombie Burn! We’re clearly not done murdering zombies. In our upcoming arcade-RPG All Zombies Must Die! the idea is simple: you kill all zombies. It’s one of those ‘it does what it says in the title’ kind of things. The game is a mix of weapons-based arena combat and light RPG elements and pits a Gamer, a Girl, a Mad Scientist and an Alien against six billion zombies to defend the world’s supply of delicious, supple brains. All Zombies Must Die! drops up to four players into the town of Deadhill, where they must mow their way through ranks of brain-hungry monsters with a variety of weaponry while completing quests served up by the game’s gripping storyline. We’re combining elements of action and role-playing, including character leveling, weapons crafting and numerous quests. The graphics reflect the silly yet sinister nature of the gameplay with a bright, comic style. All Zombies Must Die! will be hitting the PlayStation Network later this year.

But before the game releases, we’ve got something special in the works for PlayStation Home folks, just in time for Halloween.

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