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BurgerTime World Tour Serves up Retro Evolution Tomorrow

Posted by on Nov 14, 2011

It’s been 29 years since BurgerTime hit arcades, but there’s still there‚Äôs a legion of fans waiting for a modern revival of one of the tastiest puzzle games ever. BurgerTime World Tour isn’t just BurgerTime with HD graphics; it’s a maturation of the arcade classic with evolved elements and platform features that make for a whole new game. BurgerTime World Tour has been re-built from the ground up on a rotating cylindrical 3D world upon which you build your burgers from top to bottom.

Follow famed burger chef Peter Pepper as he traverses four different culinary destinations (New York, Paris, Mexico, and Tokyo) and creates giant burgers while dodging zany condiments and frenetic foods like Frank Furter, the splenetic sausage or Sonny, the indelible edible egg. Peter Pepper will have his way with these ingredients as he drops burger pieces onto them to include them in the burger (bonus points and custom burgers!), flips them off the screen with a tornado spatula attack, or engulfs them with flames from the new hot sauce powerup, just to name a few. With over 50 levels, BurgerTime World Tour’s a meaty package.

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