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Super Time Force Ultra Headed to PS4,Vita

Posted by on Dec 06, 2014

It’s been while since I’ve been on the Blog (anyone remember Critter Crunch?), but I couldn’t be more stoked to be back. I’m very excited to announce that our time-travelling platformer SUPER TIME FORCE ULTRA is headed to PS4 and PS Vita! Here’s a little trailer to prove it:

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Critter Crunch, Everyday Shooter on Sale Today for $0.99 Each

Posted by on Jul 23, 2013

This week, Toronto-based developers (and good friends) Queasy Games & Capy are putting their classic PSN titles on sale. Everyday Shooter & Critter Crunch may be markedly different games that took alternate paths onto the PlayStation Store, but they share a lot in common. Here’s a little bit about why these games are important to their creators/teams.

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Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes Hits PSN Today, New Story Trailer

Posted by on Apr 12, 2011

As Mr. Nathan Vella mentioned last week, Ubisoft and Cabybara Games are set to cast Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes out into the wild later today. Announced last year, Clash of Heroes is an HD remake of the classic DS title released in 2009. If you’ve seen what Capybara Games has done with their previous HD-ifying ventures, you’ll know that the remake for Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes will blow your mind. As someone who never got his hands on the DS game, I was very impressed with my hands-on time with the game (or impressed enough to accidentally skip a meal on Sunday because I was too busy playing :P).

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Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes Has Puzzles, Battles, Critter Crunch Connections

Posted by on Apr 04, 2011

As you in-the-know PSN bloggers realize, Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes is our HD love letter to the original game that we released in 2009 to acclaim and awards. It’s not often that you get the chance to remake your own game, so we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to bring this gem to a whole new audience: you guys! By now most people know about Clash of Heroes’ engrossing campaign mode, its innovative puzzle-strategy gameplay, and its tense turn-based battles. But what few realize is that those battles are even better when your facing off against your friends (or some random stranger who has an ass-whupping coming to him). So that’s why Might & Magic Clash of Heroes is dropping with full local and online multiplayer, in either 1v1 or 2v2 flavours. Not content to simply juice up the multiplayer mode and port the game over, we decided to redo the game from scratch with all new 2D HD art, hand-drawn by the same talented crew of artists that brought you the lush visuals of Critter Crunch. Puuuurtyyy!

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Coming to PSN: Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes for PS3

Posted by on Jun 03, 2010

Ahoy-hoy PlayStation.Blog readers! Nathan Vella here — I’m co-founder and president of Capybara. You might remember Capy from such PlayStation Network titles as the barftastic puzzle romp, Critter Crunch! Capy is back on the PlayStation.Blog after a short hiatus to talk about our return to PSN — this time we’ve teamed up with our pals […]

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Critter Crunch Out Today on PSN! OM NOM NOM NOM!

Posted by on Oct 08, 2009

Hello friends! This is it! Today is the day! Critter Crunch is out in North America! So this afternoon, turn on your PlayStation 3, log on to the PlayStation Store, and download it! It’s only $6.99! Until then, check out our launch trailer entitled “A Barf In The Night”: For those of you unfamiliar with […]

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Critter Crunch Hits PSN October 8 for $6.99!

Posted by on Sep 23, 2009

Hello Blog friends, Kris from Capy here, signing in just to drop a quick little announcement bomb on all y’all brains: Just in case you didn’t actually watch on the video above, here’s what you missed: CRITTER CRUNCH IS COMING TO A NORTH AMERICAN PLAYSTATION 3 NEAR YOU ON OCTOBER 8TH, AKA “THE DAY OF […]

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PlayStation Eye Chat: Critter Crunch for PSN

Posted by on Aug 05, 2009

When you last saw Critter Crunch, it was probably at E3 when Capybara‘s Nathan Vella walked us through the game’s basics on the show floor. Well Nathan is back, along with fellow Capy compadre Kris Piotrowski, to talk much more in-depth about Critter Crunch. Specifically, the duo describes the puzzle game’s versus /co-op modes and […]

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