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Dead Nation Introduces Voice Chat Integration, New Development Diary

Posted by on Mar 04, 2011

Hi everyone! Housemarque is extremely pleased to report that Dead Nation received the Editor’s Choice award by Gaming Nexus, Just Push Start, Playstation Lifestyle, ZTGD, and Gamingbolt! Not only that, but the game was also chosen as PSN game of the year 2010 by PS Nation, Gamingbolt, and PlayStation Lifestyle! We’re most honored for these […]

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Couples Co-op: Valentine’s Day Selections for PlayStation Gamers

Posted by on Feb 14, 2011

Roses? Played out. Champagne? Too bubbly. Chocolate? A risky proposition. If you really want to make your significant other swoon this Valentine’s Day, grab a couple of controllers and play some games you can both enjoy. Sure, you could choose to pound your mate’s face in the Gladiator Duel in Sports Champions. But you know […]

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Dead Nation Comes to Home + Novus Prime Update, Blue Toad Murder Files, and More

Posted by on Feb 02, 2011

Beginning this Thursday, February 3rd, PlayStation Home will serve as a respite to the battle-hardened survivors of the zombie apocalypse known as Dead Nation – the explosive action-shooter now available exclusively on the PlayStation Network. The Dead Nation “Safe House” is one of the last bastions of humanity in a world ravaged by a deadly […]

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PlayStation Monsterpedia: Fangs for the Memories

Posted by on Jan 20, 2011

I love monsters. I grew up watching movies like “It Came From Beneath the Sea” and “The Thing” and playing games like War of the Monsters and Resident Evil. I wanted to honor that spirit with this first edition of the PlayStation Monsterpedia, a collection of detailed artwork and in-depth specifications gleaned directly from the […]

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Dead Nation Metagame: Your Nation Needs You!

Posted by on Dec 13, 2010

Due to issues beyond our control, a nasty, disgusting and horrific zombie outbreak has occurred and we need you to help prove your nation is the best in world at fighting the zombie infection. Dead Nation has a unique online component which we call the metagame. It means that every time you kill a zombie, […]

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Dead Nation Tips and Tricks: Dead Bodies Everywhere

Posted by on Dec 03, 2010

What’s old is new again! Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition hits PS4 on March 4th, 2014 with a host of new features and enhanced graphics. We’ve dusted off this comprehensive strategy guide from the game’s 2010 PS3 launch, which should get you a head start with the Apocalypse Edition. Enjoy! Dead Nation’s nonstop shooting and scrambling […]

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Dead Nation to Receive Online Voice Chat Soon

Posted by on Dec 02, 2010

We know some Dead Nation online co-op players have requested voice chat functionality. I’m here to tell you that we’ve listened to the fans and are taking steps to add voice chat for online co-op in the near future. To reiterate this point, here’s a note from the team at Housemarque: We know some of […]

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Dead Nation Hits PlayStation Store this Week, Eradicate the Infection!

Posted by on Nov 29, 2010

The week you’ve been waiting for is here! Dead Nation will release on the PlayStation Store tomorrow, November 30th for $14.99 in North America (and at a 20% discount to PlayStation Plus subscribers for $11.99). We’re pleased to present the Dead Nation launch trailer below. As you can see, we’ve revealed a few new treats […]

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