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11-Year Willamette Reunion – The Road to Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package

Posted by on Nov 29, 2017

Several years have passed since we’ve had a full Dead Rising release on PlayStation, and thankfully the wait is over as Dead Rising 4 comes to PS4 on December 5. Since some time has passed, now is a great opportunity to reflect on the series’ history and the road to this release, both in terms of the story and the evolution of the core zombie-slaying, open-world action. Considering we’re offering the original Dead Rising as a gift for pre-ordering (at PlayStation Store or Gamestop/EB Games), you’re invited to take the trip down memory lane with us – from Willamette Mall to the entire infected town itself. Let’s look back through the franchise’s history and how it’s evolved from scavenging for helpful objects in a shopping mall to crafting ridiculous combo weapons and mowing down zombies in an armored Exo-Suit.

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Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package Coming to PS4 December 5

Posted by on Sep 01, 2017

There’s a real buzz around Capcom Vancouver these days as the whole team are super ultra excited for the announcement of Dead Rising 4 on the PS4. Hey, guess what, that’s what this is! We’re bringing Dead Rising 4 to the PS4!

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