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Sportsfriends Out Today: Local Multiplayer Madness on PS4, PS3

Posted by on May 06, 2014

Our local multiplayer compendium Sportsfriends goes live today on PlayStation Store! It’ll be available as a digital download on both PS4 and PS3 for $14.99 as soon as PS Store updates this afternoon. And if you purchase Sportsfriends on PS3, you’ll also be entitled to download the PS4 version for free.

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Sportsfriends E3 Update

Posted by on Jun 11, 2013

I’m here to give you an update on our coming PSN game, Sportsfriends. Here’s a new teaser:

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Be a Part of Sportsfriends History Today

Posted by on Dec 10, 2012

UPDATE: We want to thank all of you for all your enthusiasm and support. Special thanks to all our colleagues who gave us advice and contributed games, video testimonials, footage, photos, designs, music, help at events, and other support. We also want to thank the team at Sony’s Foster City office for championing the concept and making the PlayStation side of the project possible.

Hi PlayStation.Blog readers! Over the past few weeks, the Sportsfriends designers and I have been posting about the four indie multiplayer games that we’re hoping to bring to PS3 as one action-filled compendium.

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“Where is my Heart?” Hits PSN Next Week, Free for PlayStation Plus

Posted by on Nov 02, 2011

Where-is-my-Heart? is the debut game of Die Gute Fabrik.

The idea to make Where-is-my-Heart? finds its origins in a very personal experience I had with my mother and my father three summers ago. It was a sunny day on a weekend and we decided to go for a hike in the woods. The hike went well enough for a while, but after an hour or so we realized that somehow we’d completely lost our bearings. Stuck together and lost in this situation, we came to face each other’s negative personality traits. My father showed his anxiety and became increasingly bossy. While my mother responded to this as she had been doing for the 25 past years of her partnership – she turned to lamenting about her life and her existence.I, for my part, found myself trapped in well-worn patterns of regret, remorse, and disconnectedness. Here were three hurt children-at-heart, unable to understand each other and unable to break out of their predicament.

This game is basically a clumsy attempt to come to an understanding of myself and my family.

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