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Coming to PlayStation Plus: Tales from Space: About a Blob Auto Download Demo, Digger H...

Posted by on Jan 19, 2011

Hi everyone, We’re building up some momentum in 2011 with our second PlayStation Plus publish of the year, offering three featured games along with a handful of discounts on PlayStation Network exclusive titles – all coming to you on February 1. Mix in an automatic download that gives early access to an upcoming PSN-exclusive, and […]

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Celebrate TikGames/Creat Studios Dedicated PSN Publisher Page with a Half-Off Sale!

Posted by on Mar 30, 2010

And just when I thought I was out…you pull me back IN! While I’m confident that you’re all much too busy playing Wakeboarding HD and Hamsterball to focus on anything else, I have even more cool news for you that I simply must share. TikGames/Creat Studios is proud to announce the grand opening of our […]

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Digger HD Available Tomorrow on PSN for $9.99

Posted by on Sep 30, 2009

Hi everyone! It’s Scott from Creat Studios, back again to announce the launch of yet another PSN title, and ask: “How old-school are you?” If you’re a fan of classic games, but not so much a fan of tired, ancient graphics, then you’re going to love Digger HD. Creat Studios has reconstructed the timeless 1980s […]

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