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New Titles for the Wonderbook Library Arriving November 12th

Posted by on Oct 31, 2013

This holiday, a brand new line up of titles will come to the augmented reality experience, Wonderbook. With its unique and immersive features, Wonderbook lets you live in the stories you love.

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Into The Pixel 2013: PlayStation Artists Honored

Posted by on Jun 03, 2013

This year sees the induction of two new pieces from PlayStation’s ever-growing gallery. Remembering, from Naughty Dog’s impending survival epic The Last of Us, portrays a young, reflecting survivor in a post-pandemic world.

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Video: The Art and Design of Diggs Nightcrawler

Posted by on May 23, 2013

Our starting point for the game was Wonderbook itself, and it was from here that we arrived at a bookworm hero, a city made of books and cast of characters from fiction. We also knew from day one that we wanted Wonderbook to be the key method of interaction, and so the physical nature of the book was intrinsic to the design of the game.

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Digging Deeper into Diggs: Nightcrawler

Posted by on Apr 30, 2013

Today, we get to know our hero: Diggs Nightcrawler, a bookworm private detective from Library City. Diggs is stoic, a dyed-in-the-wool character whose external cool is challenged mere moments after the player opens their Wonderbook and arrives in his office.

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Diggs Nightcrawler: Crafting a Film Noir Mystery in Wonderbook

Posted by on Apr 16, 2013

Wonderbook: Diggs Nightcrawler hits shelves this Holiday!

The team at Moonbot Studios are a highly creative team and master story tellers. Little Bo Peep, the Itsy Bitsy Spider and Three Little Pigs together in a film noir mystery? Definitely not your run of the mill game. We’re pleased to lift the curtain on the development of Diggs Nightcrawler in this first video diary.

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Diggs: Nightcrawler Brings Stylish Detective Noir to Wonderbook

Posted by on Aug 21, 2012

While Book of Spells led off our Wonderbook announcement at E3 earlier this year, there are plenty more projects in the works for the forthcoming PlayStation 3 augmented reality platform, including Walking With Dinosaurs from the BBC, and an exciting partnership with Disney Interactive Studios. Diggs: Nightcrawler is a little different, however – unlike Book of Spells and Dinosaurs, it’s a brand new IP, promising quirky detective noir with style to spare.

Less than 24 hours after the game’s new trailer debuted during the Sony press conference at gamescom last week, we sat down with Adam Volker from Oscar-winning animation studio turned game developer Moonbot to find out what it has in store.

“So, Diggs is a detective bookworm and he’s really good at what he does,” he explained.

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