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Dollar Dash: Pull Off the Ultimate Heist on PSN Today

Posted by on Mar 19, 2013

Everyone here on the development team at Candygun Games is excited to see Dollar Dash release on the PlayStation Network. Creating a game with local multiplayer mayhem was at the top of our priorities as we designed it to be entertaining to play with friends on the couch or online. We are quite happy with the depth of multiplayer options and configurations – there are so many ways to play.

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Dollar Dash: A Four-Player Free-for-All Coming to PS3 This Winter

Posted by on Nov 15, 2012

Late last year, we were gathering ideas and prototypes in preparation of creating our next game. There was one idea we really liked: A fast-paced multiplayer sneaking game about a group of safe-breakers that sneak past cameras, laser barriers, and guards to pull off the ultimate heist.

In our earliest prototype, the goal of the four players was to pick locks and break walls in order to reach the vault and grab all the money inside before one of the other players could. There was one element in this early prototype that was really fun: You could set up bear traps that would snare other players, slowing them down and causing the guards to catch them. Around the same time, we were also playing a lot of Bomberman in the office. And its brand of pick-up-and-play fun and multiplayer battles was something we wanted in our game, too.

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