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How Erica & Blood and Truth are Changing the Rules of Their Genres

Posted by on Jul 27, 2018

Both PS VR and PlayLink have presented exciting new possibilities for game creators, letting them take a fresh approach to — and even innovate within — well-established genres.

This is something that has been front-of-mind for two developers hard at work on projects for these platforms: London Studio with PS VR’s Blood & Truth, Flavourworks with PlayLink’s Erica. Both promise to change the design rulebook for their respective genres.

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Erica, a Live-Action Interactive Drama, Announced for PS4

Posted by on Oct 30, 2017

Hi, I’m Jack Attridge, Creative Director at Flavourworks, a digital entertainment studio based in London. We’ve spent years crafting our first title, and now I’m thrilled to work with the team at PlayStation to unveil Erica.

Erica is an interactive live-action drama, with no 3D graphics at all. That means you are interacting with a film that has no visible interruptions so it feels utterly cinematic. It has the pace, flow, and production value of a Hollywood movie. The difference in Erica is that you are an active participant, guiding the namesake protagonist in her journey.

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