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Dare to Rise in Eve: Valkyrie, Launching October 13 on PS VR

Posted by on Oct 06, 2016

Hello future pilots.

It’s just over a week until the launch of Eve: Valkyrie on PlayStation VR. The studio here at CCP Newcastle is buzzing, even the Autumn weather can’t damper our excitement.

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The Eve Universe Expands with Gunjack on PS VR

Posted by on Sep 16, 2016

Salutations, PlayStation.Blog readers. We at CCP Shanghai are incredibly excited to bring Gunjack to PlayStation VR. Our first-person arcade shooter, built from the ground up for virtual reality, will be a launch title for PlayStation VR and available on October 13.

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Your Eyes Are Weapons in Eve: Valkyrie on PlayStation VR

Posted by on Aug 31, 2016

A warm welcome to all the PlayStation fans getting ready to enter the world of virtual reality with PlayStation VR! From day one, the Eve: Valkyrie team wanted to deliver a unique gameplay experience built from the ground up for this incredible emerging medium. It’s a totally new way to play games and immerse yourself in the world.

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