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Eat Them! Hits PSN Today for $9.99, Includes 5 Million Monsters, Superheroes

Posted by on Dec 21, 2010

Eat Them! gives gamers the chance to wreak havoc on cities by creating and bringing to life colossal monsters to topple entire cities and feast on inhabitants. Always dreamed of laying waste to downtown? Here’s your chance. If you’re still not convinced, wrap your destructive side around some of the features of the game. The […]

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Eat Them! Developer Diary: Controls

Posted by on Nov 30, 2010

‘Sup? I’m called James Parker, I’m a designer here at FluffyLogic and I’m working on Eat Them!, which Ana has been telling you about recently, and I’m here to say a few more extra in-depthy words about how making a game like Eat Them! actually happens on a day to day basis. Today – CONTROLS! […]

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Eat Them! Coming Soon to PSN

Posted by on Nov 09, 2010

Hello readers! This is Ana (the producer) from FluffyLogic, in Bristol, UK. We’re the developer of the Savage Moon series of games for PlayStation 3 and PSP. We’re here to blog about our new title every two weeks, with a developer diary charting progress of the game from now until you’re sick of hearing from […]

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