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Folding@home Honored for Good Design

Posted by on Nov 07, 2008

When many of you are done playing games or watching videos for the night, you chose to give back by launching Stanford University’s Folding@home application on your PLAYSTATION 3. Whether you do it to benefit society, or just because the visualizations look cool, over a million of you have found the experience to be rewarding. […]

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Start your “Life with PlayStation”

Posted by on Sep 17, 2008

If you’ve ever wished you could find everything you need to start your day on your PLAYSTATION 3, Life with PlayStation give you one more reason to do so. This free service delivers a new way for you to utilize your PS3 to instantly access real-time news and information like weather updates from over 60 […]

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Life with PlayStation is on its way

Posted by on Aug 29, 2008

I’ve got some good news and some okay news. We’ll start with the okay part. We’re still pushing some paperwork on Life with PlayStation — so hold tight just a bit longer. Now on to the good news, the Life with PlayStation application is looking great and to quench some of the curiosity around what […]

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PlayStation Tips #2 – Folding@home

Posted by on Dec 25, 2007

How about helping conduct advanced biological research over this holiday season? No, you don’t need to be a scientist to do that, the researchers over at Stanford University already have came up with software that can operate on your PLAYSTATION 3 console and perform multitude of complex operations that will help their research against diseases […]

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New Folding@Home Features Coming

Posted by on Dec 18, 2007

As we approach one million PLAYSTATION 3 consoles participating in the Folding@Home program, we continue to improve the FAH client. With the new Firmware v2.1 we also prepared an updated version of FAH, which can soon be automatically downloaded by clicking on the FAH icon. This updated version includes the following new features: If you […]

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Folding@home Recognized by Guinness World Records

Posted by on Nov 01, 2007

I’d like to be the first one to congratulate Folding@home users for being recognized by Guinness World Records as the most powerful distributed computing network in the world! The record was set on September 19, 2007 when F@h surpassed a petaflop. For those of you who have been following the stats and have read my […]

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Folding@home Petaflop Barrier Crossed (Update)

Posted by on Sep 25, 2007

This post comes on the heels of my previous post, which talked about the crossing of the Petaflop barrier. The influx of gamers supporting this cause has grown so greatly that we’ve actually broken a second record within a week! This time the aggregated computation power of the PS3 consoles — by themselves — has […]

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Folding@home Petaflop Barrier Crossed

Posted by on Sep 19, 2007

The momentum and excitement for the Folding@home project continues. This time it’s something that the Folding community and the computer science field as a whole have been anxiously awaiting — the crossing of a milestone known as a petaflop. A petaflop equals one quadrillion floating point operations per second (FLOPS). If you’d like to imagine […]

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