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Sherlock Holmes Launch Trailer Shows Detective’s Famous Skills

Posted by on Sep 25, 2014

Hi PlayStation.Blog readers, Olga here from Frogwares! As we are nearing launch, we would like to introduce our launch trailer for Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments coming to PS4 and PS3 on September 30th. Get ready to be taken on a journey through Holmes’ famous skills!

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The Darker Side of London in Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments

Posted by on Sep 18, 2014

Hi, Playstation.Blog! I’m Olga from Frogwares. After having explored Holmes’ new skills in previous trailers for Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments — coming from September 30th on PS4 and PS3 — I’m delighted to introduce today the complexity of not only the cases, but the people of Crimes & Punishments.

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Trick the World in Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments

Posted by on Sep 05, 2014

Hi PlayStation.Blog! This is Olga from Frogwares, and this week I’m excited to introduce you to a new Sherlock skill exclusive to Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments, with our new Subversion trailer.

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4 Things You Need to Know About Sherlock Holmes on PS4

Posted by on Jul 25, 2014

Hi PlayStation.Blog! This is Olga from Frogwares, and I get to tell you about our latest game, Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments.

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Sherlock: Crimes & Punishments Hits PS4, PS3 in September

Posted by on Jun 06, 2014

Hi, PlayStation.Blog! It’s Olga here with Frogwares, the studio behind the upcoming Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments. We kind of met earlier this year when we announced that Crimes and Punishments was coming to both PS3 and PS4; I recall you said it was awesome, remember?

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Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments Coming to PS3, PS4

Posted by on Jan 31, 2014

We’ve been developing Sherlock Holmes games for over a decade now, and the recent reinventions of Sherlock Holmes in the new movies and series have put a spin on the character and the world he lives in. Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments is a detective game; it needs you to think.

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Magrunner: Dark Pulse Out Today on PS3

Posted by on Oct 22, 2013

Magrunner is based on reasoning, logic, and thinking. You’ll be shooting things — you won’t be gunning down nameless hordes of enemies, soldiers or zombies, but this is where the action part of the game pops in. This is our attempt to find the delicate balance between fun and challenge, between thinking and reacting.

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Magrunner: Dark Pulse on PS3 is a Lovecraftian Cyberpunk Puzzler

Posted by on Oct 17, 2013

Magrunner: Dark Pulse is a first-person action puzzle game set in a cyberpunk reimagining of H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos.

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