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This Week in Home: Videos in Hollywood Hills Personal Space, Music in the London Pub, T...

Posted by on Nov 03, 2010

This Thursday, November 4th, members of the PlayStation Home community can own real estate in one of the most glamorous and exclusive zip codes in the world when Sony Pictures Home Entertainment launches the all new “Hollywood Hills House” personal space. For just $4.99 you can live like a celebrity in a two-story mansion perched […]

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LAIR Score Now On iTunes!

Posted by on Oct 02, 2007

Hello, it’s Ryan again and I have some exciting news about Lair’s music. First, it was announced last week that the soundtrack for Lair received a BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) Video Game Award nomination for best Original Score! Hopefully some of you have now unlocked and experienced all of the high-fidelity […]

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The LAIR Score: Part Two

Posted by on Aug 15, 2007

Following up on my entry earlier this week, without walking you through the whole score, I wanted to call out a few tracks that stand out as prime examples of the principal themes contained in the score for LAIR. When you hear the elegant strains of the “Civilization” theme (Asylia theme), you’ll notice hints at […]

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The LAIR Score: Part One

Posted by on Aug 13, 2007

My name is John Debney and I’m a music composer working in Hollywood, scoring films such as “Passion of the Christ” and “Sin City.” I also composed the soundtrack for LAIR, and wanted to share a bit about that experience with you guys, as well as offer you a sample of the game’s music. Composing […]

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Lair Update

Posted by on Aug 01, 2007

Wow, even I didn’t see this one coming! Due to an extra step in QA testing to enhance the community features in the game, the release of LAIR, originally set for August 14th, has changed to September 4, 2007. Natural challenges that arose while finalizing the offline game to include key online features – such […]

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Lair Dev is Complete, Aug 14 Release Set!

Posted by on Jul 25, 2007

Given all the content and interest here on Lair, I figured you guys would also be interested to hear that the North American version of Lair has completed its development and is now in manufacturing! That means that we are on track for our August 14 release date. It goes without saying that we’re eager […]

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Inside the Developers Studio: Julian Eggebrecht

Posted by on Jul 09, 2007

1. What game do you have at E3 this year? LAIR. And if it isn’t there I am not there. 2. Describe it in five words or less. Dragons. Combat. Flight. Fight. Done. 3. Tell us more about your game. What’s the story? The story is about Rohn, a dragon pilot and elite member of […]

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Lair Nears the Finish Line, Full Speed Ahead!

Posted by on Jul 03, 2007

Hey everyone, I’m Ryan Hamlyn, I’m the associate producer for Lair. It’s been a long haul—almost 2 years for me, and even longer for some of the team over at our developer, Factor 5—but putting the finishing touches on the game and now seeing all our work culminate into a finished product is very exciting. […]

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