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Long Live Play PSN Community Spotlight

Posted by on Apr 14, 2012

Welcome back to another edition of Long Live Play PSN Community Spotlight; where we look at posts submitted in the PlayStation Community Forums to focus on PlayStation-powered stories. We’ve seen a great response from the PSN Community with last week’s debut of the Long Live Play PSN Community Spotlight. This week’s post shows that spotlights don’t have to be all about PlayStation. The gates are open for anything you want to talk about gaming related; but it doesn’t hurt to frame it in a PlayStation context. Read the posting best practices for more info.

This week’s spotlight has PSN member JillyDad taking a look at how stories are told in game. Long time gamers know that games can be as emotionally powerful as any book or movie if they get their storytelling right. JillyDad wonders if games can pave the way for more developers to utilize the vocabulary that only a game could offer.

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Long Live Play PSN Community Spotlight

Posted by on Apr 07, 2012

Welcome everyone to the debut of Long Live Play PSN Community Spotlight! Since the announcement that the gates were open on the PlayStation Community Forums to send in your PlayStation story; we’ve seen a flood of great stories related to PlayStation gaming and we’re happy to now debut with a post from PSN Member the_mdt, who is now the recipient of a $50 PlayStation Store voucher code. From here on, every Saturday we’ll have a new PSN member to spotlight.

the_mdt recalls a story that many of us are familiar with, yet is all his own. PlayStation today is a household name, but to those who have been able to be gaming with PlayStation since the first console, it’s more than a name. For long time fans, PlayStation weaves itself into the events in our real life and can frame how we look back on those times. Check out his story.

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Get Enshrined in Our Hall of Play

Posted by on Oct 28, 2011

Greetings PlayStation Nation! Your dedication to the PlayStation experience is something we take seriously. To date, close to 10 million of you have already seen our recent “To Michael” short film on YouTube; and shared in the excitement of PlayStation’s greatest game characters celebrating and recognizing the players who make it all possible – YOU!

Long Live Play” hit the airwaves with our stalwart executive Kevin Butler returning to the gaming helm and word (or rather views) has spread like wildfire. In addition to the nearly 10M YouTube views, Facebook has seen a similar number of Likes and over 1300+ comments!.

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PlayStation Nation – “Long Live Play” Celebrates YOU

Posted by on Oct 05, 2011

Hello PlayStation Nation,

Early last month, with some ambiguity, we announced that we were looking for a few good gamers to assist us with a special assignment related to our freshly launched Long Live Play campaign. Long Live Play honors gamers from all walks of life and recognizes you for making PlayStation who we are today.

We asked members of the PlayStation Nation to email us with pictures of themselves holding their PS3 controller and in 30 words-or-less, describe how they epitomize the ultimate PlayStation gamer. I know that PlayStation gamers are some of the most impassioned fans in the world, but I was blown away by the thousands of responses that flooded my email.

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PlayStation is Looking for a Few Good Gamers

Posted by on Sep 14, 2011

Hello PlayStation Nation,

We work day-in and day-out here at PlayStation to ensure that you never run out of reasons to be a proud PlayStation fan. It’s our way of saying “Thank you” to the millions of you around the world who demonstrate your passion and dedication to PlayStation on a daily basis. However, sometimes a simple thank you just isn’t enough to truly show our gratitude and that’s why we’re ready to take things one step further.

I’m joining you today to announce that we’re looking for a few good gamers to help us with a special assignment related to our new Long Live Play campaign (yes, we are intentionally being Chimera-like stealthy to pique your curiosity). I’m talking die-hard members of our PlayStation Nation from all over who are ready and willing to proudly wave the PlayStation flag for all to see. If you think you’re the ultimate PlayStation gamer, then we want to hear from you!

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Long Live Play

Posted by on Aug 30, 2011

PlayStation Nation,

Two years ago we introduced you to our resident Vice President of just about everything, Kevin Butler, in the inaugural “Dear PlayStation” ad which was timed with the introduction of our “It Only Does Everything” campaign. Since then, the campaign has helped make the PS3 a household name in 50 million homes worldwide. Today, I’m excited to introduce you to a new brand campaign “Long Live Play” – designed to celebrate gamers from all walks of life and recognize you for making us who we are today.

PlayStation has always been about the gamer and the PS3 is the ultimate portal to a land of infinite experiences and accomplishments. PlayStation is reaffirming our commitment to gamers like yourselves with “Long Live Play” – mixing humor and a little good, clean fun with the kind of entertainment content you crave.

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