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Qore Episode 26: Killzone 3, Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom, & PlayStation Move

Posted by on Jul 05, 2010

The July episode of Qore’s got action, adventure, motion, and Osaka! First, the action of Killzone 3. The game’s only in a pre-Alpha state and already looks fantastic! Veronica Belmont spoke with Guerrilla Games’ managing director and co-founder Hermen Hulst, and senior producer Steven ter Heide, about how they’ll raise the bar for the sequel. […]

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E3 Encounters: Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom for PS3

Posted by on Jul 01, 2010

A “heartwarming puzzle-action game” — that’s how Namco Bandai describes their upcoming PS3 game Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom. Majin is being developed by Game Republic, a studio that boasts several former members of Team ICO and a track record consisting of PS3 fan favorites such as Folklore. Majin’s fantasy world looks highly stylized, with […]

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