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Tips for Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 & 2’s New X Challenge Mode

Posted by on Jul 24, 2018

Mega Man X Legacy Collection and Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2 are out now on PS4, and everyone from Special A-class veterans to B-class newcomers are joining the Maverick hunt across eight classic Mega Man X games! Along for the ride with both collections is the brand new X Challenge mode, seeing previously defeated Mavericks from Mega Man X through Mega Man X6 return in pairs to face off against X.

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Mega Man X – Saga of the Maverick Hunters

Posted by on Jul 18, 2018

The futuristic sci-fi setting of the Mega Man X series ushered in a set of new and exciting gameplay abilities for fans beginning in the early ’90s. Wall-jumping, dashing, and equipping armor upgrades are sublime, but the series also has a grittier narrative for the heroic battles of X, Zero, and Axl. Whereas the classic Mega Man series focused on fun, Saturday Morning cartoon story pastiche with Dr. Wily’s recurring tricks and antics, the Mega Man X series took on a more mature tone.

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Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 & 2 Hit PS4 July 24

Posted by on Apr 10, 2018

We’re celebrating the year of Mega Man’s 30th anniversary later this year with the upcoming release of the brand new Mega Man 11, and even sooner, we’ll be revisiting the iconic storied history of the post-apocalyptic Mega Man X series on PS4. All eight X games will be playable across Mega Man X Legacy Collection and Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2 when they debut on PlayStation 4 — with some all-new features — on July 24. I hope you’ll join me in reflecting on the unique history this series shares with PlayStation, where many of these games made their first debut.

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