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Cubs Win! MLB 12 The Show Available Today on PS3, PS Vita

Posted by on Mar 06, 2012

MLB 12 The Show for PS3 and PS Vita has arrived and with it, the ability to experience the majors like you never have before. The Show is so jaw-droppingly real it doesn’t just capture every detail and physic of the game, it captures the raw emotion of baseball. So much so, in fact, that this year’s campaign is based around one line: So real, it’s unreal.

Our launch commercial isn’t just a demonstration of realism, it’s a celebration of what it means to be a gamer and, more specifically, a sports gamer. MLB 12 The Show lets you experience every big emotional moment that’s possible in baseball. Whether it’s the moment you’re called up to the majors or crushing a walk-off homer to win it all, every big emotional moment in baseball can be yours. And only The Show can deliver that with so much realism that it’s like it really happened.

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CC Sabathia Talks MLB 12 The Show for PS Vita

Posted by on Mar 05, 2012

Sports fans! We’re less than 24 hours away from the release of MLB 12 The Show and as you know, the game will be available on PS3 and PS Vita. This year, in addition to our cover athlete, we have multiple athletes who will be partnering with The Show to serve as ambassadors for the game. One of these players is New York Yankees ace CC Sabathia, a proclaimed gamer who takes his PS3 on the road with him during the season. He recently helped us promote MLB 12 in New York City, and you can see the event notes and pics on ESPN.com (check out that sweet custom PS3!). Here’s also a look at our Sabathia gameplay trailer on ESPN.com.

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Here’s How PlayStation Move Works in MLB 12 The Show

Posted by on Mar 02, 2012

Alright MLB The Show fans, it is time to get off the couch. This year with MLB 12 The Show, you now can play the entire game (Pitching, Batting, Fielding, and Base running) using the PS Move motion controller. When we designed the controls, the overall goal was to make it as intuitive and natural as possible. Once you play it and become familiar with the controls, you will start to feel a natural connection between playing our game and playing baseball as if you were out on a diamond.

When we designed the pitching controls, the idea was to promote going through the actual motion of throwing a pitch. In order to do that, we decided to tie the velocity of the pitch to how far you reach back (away from the PS Eye) to set your “potential power” and how fast you swing your arm through to determine your “actual power”. This way, if you try to pitch by just flicking your wrist, sure you can get the Move to recognize that speed, but since you do not pull back during the wind-up, you will not be able to use 100% of your potential power.

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Pick Up MLB 12 The Show on PS3 and PS Vita, Save $20

Posted by on Mar 01, 2012

Show Fans – We’re proud to make claim that MLB The Show on PS3 is the highest-rated sports game on the market for the past 4 years. With only days left before MLB 12 The Show hits store shelves, we know many of you plan to not only pick up the PS3 version but are anxious to pick up the all-new PS Vita version as well.

One of the most important goals for us each year is to listen to our consumers and try our best to address their concerns. Over the past several weeks, we’ve heard you loud and clear – consumers who purchase both should be rewarded with a discount – and we agree. Starting on March 6th, we’ll be offering a $20 instant discount, for anyone who purchases both MLB 12 The Show on PS3 and on PS Vita, together during the same transaction at checkout.

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MLB 12 The Show: See the New Miami Marlins Ballpark

Posted by on Feb 08, 2012

Sports fans –

I’m psyched to give you a sneak peak at the new Miami Marlins ballpark in South Beach, courtesy of MLB 12 The Show. Have a look at where new acquisitions Jose Reyes, Mark Buehrle, and Heath Bell will be calling home this year…

After winning two World Series in less than 20 years since their inaugural 1993 season, 2012 ushers in a name change and a new ballpark for the Marlins. Before we could add this new ballpark to MLB 12 The Show, we had to gather as much information as possible in order to faithfully recreate every inch of this stadium exactly as it stands in Miami. Project Coordinator Jennifer Kacizak and

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Zone Analog Batting and Pulse Pitching in MLB 12 The Show

Posted by on Feb 03, 2012

Sports fans –

Zone Analog Batting is a by-product of our original Zone Batting hit mechanic and our most recent Analog Batting feature so we wanted to give users the best of both. From talking to our community, we found that some of our Zone Batting players weren’t using the Analog Batting because they couldn’t choose the zone they wanted to swing at. So, we decided to mix the two features and came up with ZAB (Zone Analog Batting). We went through many prototypes before we ended up with what we think may be the most realistic way to bat, ever, in a baseball game.

The concept is both intuitive and challenging at the same time. Getting your stride down with the right stick and simultaneously using the left stick to choose your zone was difficult at first. The key was getting your foot down early (stride with the right stick) to give yourself time to read the pitch and use the left stick to push in the direction of the ball. It’s the most organic and satisfying way to hit and dangerously close to feeling what it’s like to hit a CC Sabathia fastball!

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MLB 12 The Show Franchise Mode Improvements

Posted by on Jan 27, 2012

Next up on our MLB 12 The Show developer blog tour is our Franchise mode and the improvements coming to players this year. One of our goals going into this development cycle was to enhance the trade logic for CPU teams to better mimic their real-life counterparts. In order to do so, we had to examine the current system and identify the faults to then build and improve upon it. This year we are considering more factors in each trade offer, with the end result being more realistic trades. Teams are valuing their rosters much higher this year, and they aren’t going to ship out prospects so easily, nor will they offer up too many players to fill a positional void. You’ll also see more trades that better suit the teams’ current strategies (i.e. playoff push vs. rebuilding strategies).

Another addition to the trades system is the interface itself. We’ve revamped the trade screen to bring you more detailed information about the players involved and the likelihood of the trade offer being accepted. All of this is aimed at providing more information to help you make sound moves. Here’s a look at this feature on PS Vita. As we’ve said from the start, MLB 12 The Show on PS Vita will utilize all of the core gameplay features found in the PS3 version, and this is no different here!

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MLB 12 The Show First Look Trailer!

Posted by on Jan 25, 2012

With football season about to wrap up, baseball season is slowly creeping back into the hearts and minds of sports fans. Now just six weeks away from the March 6th release of MLB 12 The Show, I’m psyched to show off our new First Look trailer. As you will see, it does a really nice job of highlighting some of the major improvements in this year’s game, including full PlayStation Move support (you’ll notice our cover athlete Adrian Gonzalez rocking the Move controller direct from our studio!), our TruBroadcast presentations (completely refined AI/cameras/audio truly blurring the lines between reality and our game), enhanced realism across the board (true ball physics and situational collision awareness—just to name a few), PlayStation Vita integration, new online features, and a whole lot more. You’ll notice towards the end that we teased a few future updates that we’ll be talking more about in the coming weeks, but more on that later. For now, here’s a look at our MLB 12 First Look Trailer:

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