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ModNation Monday: Community College Now In Session

Posted by on Sep 26, 2011

Last week we introduced you to our sunny San Diego campus at MNCC (ModNation Community College), whose motto is — what else? — Play Create Share (and win!).

As with most other institutions of higher learning, MNCC couldn’t offer students a valuable education without the $upport of a flourishing athletic department. The faculty of MNCC would like to introduce to you the star athletes of the MNR Fighting “_____________”! (insert team mascot name suggestion here).

We base many decisions on what the television tells us. so if it’s good enough to be on a 24-hour cable TV sports channel, it’s good enough to be a part of our ModNation Athletic Dept.

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ModNation Racers: Dude, Where’s My Kart?

Posted by on Sep 19, 2011

A recent scientific study out of ModNation Laboratories Research and Development department (located in sunny San Diego, CA) reveals that 75% of ModNation creators are eagerly looking to further their Mod and Kart design education. Now you (yes you!) have the opportunity to learn and work with the best that ModNation has to offer. MNR’s Community College is now in session (or MNCC as we like to call it).

Enrollment starts this week for “Modnation Kart Posse Challenge 101”, the first of many Mod & Kart creation courses here at MNCC. Here is how it works… MNCC students register (for free!) for “MKPC101”HERE. The faculty will randomly place students into high-energy lab teams of at least three members who will put their creative minds together in designing their team’s karts “Posse” style. Teams’ names could look like “Team Too Many Stickers”, “Team Big, Bad & Ugly”, “Team Chicks Rule, Boys Drool” or maybe even “Team Color-Blind”, who knows? This is a great opportunity for you to learn and collaborate on the kart creating process with creators of all skill levels.

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ModNation Monday: Celebrating The Ladies of ModNation

Posted by on Sep 12, 2011

Don’t look now but that kart that just pwned you (again) just might be one of the lady racers of ModNation Racers. Racing games tend to be male dominated but that’s not the case in ModNation Racers. So this week, we’re featuring the ladies of ModNation. The women are all about what makes this game so fun – Playing, Creating, and Sharing – and they truly are some of the best in the game!

Track Creation 101: The Lady’s Eye For Detail
Atmosphere and environment are two key aspects I focus on when looking for user-created tracks to promote. And let’s be honest: these are sometimes overlooked by guys. Let’s not assume the ladies tracks are all sunny, bright, colorful, flowery jaunts, though: In this week’s Top Tracks, you will race around a polluted landfill, explore the inside of an epic super computer, and whip through a bleak, gloomy, moldy swamp just to name a few. Give em’ a spin.

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ModNation Racers: Now That’s What We’re Talking About

Posted by on Sep 05, 2011

A few weeks ago we challenged you to build us a waterpark track using the recent Water World DLC. Just in time for Labor Day (U.S.) you delivered some really fun, wet ‘n wild waterparks that we might actually pay admission to visit in the “real” world! It seems as there is no challenge that the genius of the MNR community cannot handle. Our Top Tracks this week feature five of our favorites. Dive in and treat yourself to some really fun racing!

Hey Ladies In The Place…

We’re calling out to ya! That’s right, we are looking for the “better half” of the ModNation population for a long overdue, upcoming all-ladies tribute. We want to feature the best Mods, Karts and Tracks from the girls but we need your help.

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ModNation Racers: The Future Is Bright

Posted by on Aug 29, 2011

Go ahead slap on those shades because the upcoming months the Blu-Ray supernova known as ModNation Racers becomes brighter and brighter.

I watch day after day, week after week as the ModNation community create amazing Mods, Karts and Tracks that makes the development team wonder, “how did they do that?” This is one case where the students have truly become the teachers. One of my roles as community specialist is to not only share with you the evolution of ModNation Racers but the evolution of the Play Create Share vision. Each day I experience something (or somewhere) new that I never could have imagined and, if that’s not enough, in just a few months we will be able to hold all of those gems in the palm of our hands with the introduction of the PS Vita.

Aren’t we fortunate to have a game that gives us dozens of new and fabulous “toys” every time we play?

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ModNation Racers: Forget About Your Troubles and Your 9 to 5

Posted by on Aug 22, 2011

We have been making you work pretty hard lately with all the new DLC to play with so we thought we owed you a little pampering. This week is all about you. Sit back, relax, put your feet up, pour yourself a nice cold beverage and settle in for some good MNR times.

Double XP Week
For starters, here is a little helping hand to take the load off of that grueling Level 30 trek you are on – Double XP Week is August 21st – 28th. Enjoy!

FREE DLC “Drop” For The 9-5’ers!
Hey you…! Yes you, we know you work hard during the week and deserve a little extra something for the effort on the weekends.

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ModNation Rockin’ The Party and This Party Don’t Stop

Posted by on Aug 15, 2011

You have to admit this has been a one rippin’ great summer to be a member of the ModNation!

ModNation Racers: Suggest a Name for the Upcoming PS Vita Game

Posted by on Aug 08, 2011

If you haven’t heard, we at San Diego Studio are proudly bringing the ModNation franchise to the much anticipated PlayStation Vita and we would like to tap into the brilliant minds that have conceived over two million amazing MNR creations by asking for your input. What do YOU think the title of the upcoming release should be? To help your creativity here are some details about the upcoming game.

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