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New in PlayStation Home: 3 New Personal Games + Killzone 2 & Monkey Island 2 Items

Posted by on Jul 14, 2010

With every passing week more and more awesome games arrive into the ever-expanding world on PlayStation Home. And this week promises to continue in this rich tradition of compelling content and exclusive gaming experiences, as we release three highly-anticipated games for use in your clubhouses and personal spaces. By popular demand, our friends at VEEMEE […]

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New in PlayStation Home: SOCOM’s Golden AK-47, Monkey Island Space & Items, ...

Posted by on Apr 14, 2010

Early in the history of PlayStation Home, leading developers embraced the platform as a means to expand players’ gaming experiences via content that unlocked in-world after certain performance milestones were reached in-game. The PlayStation 3 community reacted very positively to this type of game integration, rushing into PlayStation Home to gather rewards from games such […]

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