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Eufloria Adventures Shines its Light on PS Mobile this Week

Posted by on Apr 15, 2014

Xenon 2 meets Eufloria! Transcendence meets Flower! Errr… to be honest our new Eufloria game is hard to classify… Let me try again:

Eufloria Adventures will be released on PlayStation Mobile, on 16th April. It’s a completely new game within the Eufloria Universe, in which you can evolve a single Seedling Ship in different ways. You can specialise by attribute, focusing on Speed, Strength, or Energy.

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Eufloria HD Coming to PS Vita on December 17th

Posted by on Dec 03, 2013

Hello friends! Eufloria HD is coming out on December 17th for PS Vita!

This makes me happy, indeed. As an indie game developer, I remain amazed at the journey this game is taking, and the superb response it gets from fans. And as a proud Vita owner, it’s fantastic to be able to announce this release.

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Eufloria Pollinates PSN in June, Ambient RTS Action Evolves

Posted by on Apr 20, 2011

Howdy! Nick Suttner here. Whether you remember me from my time at 1UP.com and EGM, 55th place at the 1989 World Beard and Moustache Championships, or simply find yourself wondering who in blazes is wasting their precious intro paragraph, it matters not.

The important part is that myself and a group of other SCEA folk are busy ramping up our Pub Fund program, helping independent developers to bring their games to PSN without the restraints of a traditional publisher. There are no specific criteria, outside of selecting games that we think are interesting and that we’re dying to play ourselves: Joe Danger, Hoard, Explodemon! and Tales From Space: About a Blob are recent examples that came to fruition with the aid of our program.

And that brings us to Eufloria, which we’re thrilled to announce as our next Pub Fund title! Omni Systems are hard at work wrapping up a gorgeous new PS3 iteration of their ambient real-time strategy game, scheduled to hit the PlayStation Store in the latter half of June for $9.99.

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