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LawBreakers Open Beta Lifts Off on PS4 This Weekend

Posted by on Jul 28, 2017

PlayStation peeps,

Lordy, we’re nearly there. Our LawBreakers launch on August 8 is coming up soon… um, in less than two weeks. TWO WEEKS.


Really quick, I want to drop some tips and tricks on you PS4 players to put to use in our open beta this weekend.

That’s right, I said it! OPEN BETA!

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Doom: PS4 Open Beta Live Today, Weapons Guide

Posted by on Apr 15, 2016

Since the Doom open multiplayer beta runs on PS4 from April 15 to 17, it seemed smart to report the experiences I had during last month’s early access period that opened up for owners of (the excellent) Wolfenstein: The New Order on PS4.

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Battleborn: Open Beta Starts Today, Watch the Bootcamp Trailer

Posted by on Apr 08, 2016

PS4 players: It’s time to unleash your inner badass – the Battleborn Open Beta begins today on PS4! Check out this post for everything you need to know about the Open Beta.

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World of Tanks Open Beta Hits PS4 December 4th

Posted by on Nov 19, 2015

Hello again. TJ, Project Lead at Wargaming.net here with some great news. World of Tanks is holding an Open Beta Weekend December 4th through the 6th. No sign-ups are necessary, just download the game on PS4 and start battling it out in 15v15 heavy metal tank battles!

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