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Pata-post Friday Presents: Rumors are True! Patapon 2 is Going Digital!

Posted by on Apr 17, 2009

TGIPBD Patapeeps! (or Thank Goodness It’s Patapost Blog Day!) We’ve got some great news and then we’ve got some other great news. So let’s skip the formalities and jump right in. First off, I wanted to invite you all to the epic launch party we’ll be having for Patapon 2. Location: your house. Now you […]

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Pata-post Friday Presents: Introducing a New HERO!!!

Posted by on Apr 10, 2009

Dear Patapon fans, I am pleased to announce the official rebranding of TGIF to TGIPBD aka Thank Goodness It’s Patapost Blog Day. Yes, yes…I know that there was a Patapost earlier this week, but the timing on that was off due to my .beat clock being a few beats off beat. I’m fully synced to […]

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Pata-post Tuesday Presents: The Story Thus Far

Posted by on Apr 07, 2009

Their journey began long ago, in a mystical land full of evil monsters, treacherous landscapes and menacing armies. Their goal was simple but noble — to find their beloved Earthend and look upon the legendary “IT.” However, simplicity is not always without dire consequences, a lesson the Patapons quickly learned as they battled bravely against […]

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Pata-post Friday Presents: Patapon 2 Demo

Posted by on Mar 13, 2009

Happy lucky Friday the 13th to all! Lucky because it is once again time for the much participated, happily anticipated, and long-awaited Pata-post Friday! My official mission with today’s post is to begin recruitment of a select number of individual who enjoy the following special qualities: Enjoy lively music with a catchy rhythm. Love to […]

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Patapon 2: Pata-Price Confirmation

Posted by on Mar 06, 2009

I’m no fan of numerology (although Pi kind of threw me on a loop for a while), but I must admit that if ever there was a number to be attached to, it would be 1999. That there number is ka-ching. So what awesomeness is brought on by this magical 1999 number? Well for starters, […]

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PATAPON 2: It’s Pata-Pata-Pata-ON!!!!

Posted by on Feb 27, 2009

Dear peoples of the PlayStation Blog, RSS subscribers, Twitterers and beyond – It brings me great pleasure to inform you that yesterday marked the anniversary of a very special day in Patapon history…P-DAY. It was a year ago (plus one day) that millions of spear-wielding, music-loving, monster-fighting, stew-making, desert-crossing, drum-beating Eyeballs invaded homes across America […]

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TGS 08: Kotani-san Answers Your Patapon 2 Questions

Posted by on Oct 13, 2008

Last week, we gave you the chance to ask Patapon 2 game designer Hiroyuki Kotani your questions about the follow up to this year’s unique PSP hit. A few days ago in SCEI’s Tokyo offices, I passed those questions on to Kotani-san (through an interpreter). He was happy to answer your questions on camera: The […]

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What Do You Want to Know? TGS Edition: LocoRoco 2 & Patapon 2

Posted by on Oct 07, 2008

Japan’s a strange place: 400 year-old temples alongside incredibly modern malls; cantaloupes are significantly more expensive than sushi; and the toilets have controls. And since I’m writing this post on Wednesday in hopes that you’ll read it Tuesday morning, please consider this request to be coming from the future. In a few hours I’ll be […]

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