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New to PlayStation Home: Diablo III Items, Boxing Gym, Laser Turrets

Posted by on Sep 25, 2013

This week nDreams is offering a couple of apartments at an affordable price! Joe’s Gym and Cassie’s Dance Studio are available individually and also as a bundle and are perfect for putting the new animation packs through their paces. Whether you are sweating it out, training for the next big fight or practicing those pirouettes for the next show these apartments are for you.

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New to PlayStation Home: Inspect Items

Posted by on Sep 18, 2013

This week sees the launch of a new Inspect system in Home, allowing players to see what items other players are wearing and where they got them. So, if you spot someone wearing a great outfit or using an awesome portable item you can quickly and easily find out more about them.

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Diablo III Outfits in PlayStation Home

Posted by on Sep 11, 2013

Show your Diablo III pride with these authentic character costumes: Barbarian or Witch Doctor! Check back soon for even more costumes straight from Diablo III!

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New in PlayStation Home: Diamond Beach Mansion

Posted by on Sep 04, 2013

Take the party to the exterior of the Diamond Beach Mansion to your very own seaside infinity pool, only in PlayStation Home! The Diamond Beach Mansion: Infinity Pool comes with all the necessities for the pool party of the century. Included is: your own poolside cabana, an outdoor entertainment center, majestic waterfall, diving platform and much more. Pool parties have never had such flair.

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Allons-y! New Doctor Who Gear Comes to PlayStation Home

Posted by on Aug 28, 2013

Want to find out what die-hard Doctor Who fans think of the Doctor Who experience in PlayStation Home? BBC Worldwide sent two prominent Doctor Who YouTube bloggers, Chris Foxx and J.P. Fox, to discover the mysteries and wonders of Doctor Who, brought to life as never before by LOOT Entertainment in Sony Computer Entertainment’s 3D virtual world.

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The Diamond Beach Yacht Sails Into PlayStation Home

Posted by on Aug 21, 2013

Your new life of luxury isn’t limited to land. Welcome to the most luxurious way to travel the seven seas – the Diamond Beach Mansion: Private Yacht. This opulent vessel comes with all the amenities a high rolling sailor could need. Spend time in the home theatre, have hot tub time with your friends, catch some rays on the sprawling decks or even take a swim with the neighborhood fishes. Just like the rest of the mansion, dynamically control the time of day, give exclusive gifts to your friends and uncover the secret that will help you gain access to the hidden fifth portion of the mansion. Purchase the yacht in the first ten days of release and receive an exclusive item bundle!

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PlayStation Home Goes Back to School With New Updates

Posted by on Aug 14, 2013

Granzella introduces the new Nostalgic School Days personal space. Now, a school where you can have fun conversation with your classmates is available as a personal space. Many more updates inside, so come take a look!

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PlayStation Home Releases Second Floor of Diamond Beach Mansion

Posted by on Aug 07, 2013

You already own the beautiful First Floor now the opulence continues with the Second Floor. Roam the spacious upstairs of the Mansion including the Master Bedroom, walk-in closet, Master Bath, Theater and check out the gorgeous view from the balcony. As always the second floor comes with a plethora of items to help you deck out you pad.

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