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Happy Holidays from PlayStation.Blog and Friends

Posted by on Dec 22, 2015

Before we sign off for the year, we wanted to celebrate the creators who make not only PlayStation.Blog, but this industry in its entirety possible. It’s these studios who create the worlds we yearn to escape to, who write the stories upon whose every word we hang. It’s thanks to them that we can do what we love to do.

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Rocket League: Winter Games Event Begins December 14

Posted by on Nov 25, 2015

Starting December 14, our previously-announced hockey-inspired Mutator Mode, now called “Snow Day,” will officially replace the “Mutator Mashup” online playlist. Boasting an ice-themed field and a heavy, disc-shaped puck, “Snow Day” brings an awesome new twist to Rocket League’s classic, football-fueled gameplay. We know a lot of you have been waiting a long time to give this one a try, which is why we’re so pleased to finally confirm an official date for you!

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Mix, Match, and Mutate in Rocket League This November

Posted by on Oct 28, 2015

Change is coming to Rocket League! It is an absolute certainty!

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Rocket League Goes Back to the Future!

Posted by on Oct 12, 2015

Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads… But we do need a pitch!

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Free Halloween Items Coming to Rocket League

Posted by on Oct 05, 2015

At Psyonix, we love Halloween, and we know that many of you love Halloween, too! That’s why, starting October 18th, we’ll be unveiling sweet, limited-time Halloween-themed items in Rocket League’s customization Garage!

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Rocket League Out Today, Free for PS Plus Members

Posted by on Jul 07, 2015

It’s happening!

As you read this post, players all over the world are starting to play our sequel to Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars, and our labor of love, Rocket League; with even more players joining in as they take advantage of our free status if they’re members of PlayStation Plus.

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Rocket League Out July 7th, Sweet Tooth Joins Roster

Posted by on Jun 03, 2015

The team here at Psyonix has been overwhelmed by the positive worldwide reaction to our upcoming action-sports game Rocket League. Which is why we want to give you all not one, but FOUR major pieces of information in a single announcement!

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Rocket League PS4 Closed Beta Starts Today

Posted by on Apr 24, 2015

We’ve been a little hush-hush since our last PlayStation.Blog post, but it’s because we’ve been hard at work finishing our PS4 sequel to Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars, aka Rocket League.

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