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New Hack ‘n Slasher Realms of Ancient War Hits PSN Tuesday

Posted by on Sep 20, 2012

Realms of Ancient War has been in development for over two years, inspired by our deep love of hack ‘n slash games. We’ve played practically every game in the genre (including some pretty obscure PS2 games) to seek out the best ideas from the past. The rest of our inspiration comes from our designers, who came up with crazy ideas to give our title its own signature fast-and-furious style of action. Every decision was met with one simple question: “Is this a fun idea?”

  • Do you want to spawn dozens of huge swords from the ground? Yes!
  • Should the screen be covered with hordes of enemies, all bent on killing you? Oh yes!
  • What about controlling the minds of gigantic enemies, making them pound the crap out of their minion buddies? Hell yes!
  • Maybe you could ride a flashy pink pony and battle your enemies with a giant toilet brush? Uh… let’s forget that idea…

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