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Qlione Evolve Morphs onto PSN this Tuesday for $6.99

Posted by on Dec 03, 2010

Hello, everyone! Enrique Galvez and Adam Milecki here to, once again, bring you news of Rockin’ Android’s latest PlayStation Network release for your PS3: Qlione Evolve! Qlione Evolve is more than what you’ll see on its liquid surface. First, the Qlione Evolve bundle includes two games; Qlione and Qlione 2, at an unbeatable price. Second, […]

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Next Week on PSN: Crescent Pale Mist

Posted by on Nov 05, 2010

Hello, again, everyone! This is Enrique Galvez and Adam Milecki, returning to tell you about Rockin’ Android’s latest PlayStation Network release, Crescent Pale Mist for your PlayStation 3! Rockin’ Android has become known for its love of shoot-em’-up games, but our passion for video games runs deep and wide. That’s why we’re proud to present […]

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Coming Soon to PSN: Gundemonium Collection for PS3

Posted by on Jun 10, 2010

Hello, everyone! We’re Enrique Galvez and Adam Milecki from Rockin’ Android. We are a passionate U.S.-based publisher of innovative and independently produced games from Japan. We grew up playing some unforgettable 2D games and it’s our goal to bring Japan’s next generation of retro-style 2D games to your PlayStation 3. For this post, we’d like […]

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