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PlayStation Blogcast 041: Blood, Sweat and Code — A PAX Postmortem

Posted by on Sep 06, 2012

I can say with considerable confidence that today’s episode is our biggest and best yet, weighing in at a groan-inducing (but quality-packed!) two hours and 10 minutes. Our time at PAX Prime last week yielded sweet fruit in the form of five new game developer interviews, and each one is a treat. First, indie developer Matt Gilgenbach discusses how his new PSN-exclusive “reverse shooter” Retro/Grade changed his life; from there, we shift to Snapshot, the charming PS3 and PS Vita platform puzzler that enables players to manipulate their environment through photographs.

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Introducing Snapshot, Coming to PS Vita and PS3 This Fall

Posted by on May 29, 2012

I’m proud to announce that Snapshot, our 2D puzzle platformer, is coming to PS Vita and PS3 (with cross-platform saves) this fall. In Snapshot, you control a robot named Pic. Pic carries a high-tech camera that can “capture” and remove objects and parts of the environment. You can then paste the picture back into the world causing all the objects to come tumbling back out. If you’re looking for a new puzzle game with a twist, keep reading!

The game begins with Pic powering on for the first time in a dusty abandoned laboratory. Uncertain about his purpose and why he was built, he wanders into the forest that surrounds the laboratory. This is where you’ll first start to use your camera to take photographs of objects. The first chapter of the game will hit you with a series of puzzles involving moving objects around within the levels, and it’s easier than you think.

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