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Watch the Tetris Effect Launch Trailer, 5 Tips to Begin Your Tetris Journey

Posted by on Nov 09, 2018

Okay, I’ll be honest: I just wanted an excuse to feature the launch trailer for Tetris Effect on PlayStation.Blog. You should watch it! Right there, at the top of this post! It’s really good!

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PlayStation Blogcast 312: What a Trip!

Posted by on Nov 02, 2018

So, Tetris Effect! It’s really good! There’s a demo live now at PlayStation Store, and to celebrate we sat down with Tetsuya Mizuguchi and Mark MacDonald of Enhance to talk about the origins of the game, Mizuguchi-san’s creative process, and more. Enjoy!

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Tetris Effect: Free Demo Out Today, Watch the New Mini-Documentary

Posted by on Nov 01, 2018

But there’s another “Tetris Effect” — the psychological phenomenon that happens when someone plays Tetris (and where the game takes its name from!), which can lead to everything from hallucinating blocks, to affecting how you pack your suitcase, to… well here, just watch this little mini-documentary we made all about it!

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PlayStation Blogcast 299: Moonlighting in Detroit

Posted by on Jun 30, 2018

It’s a Sid, Kristen and Justin show this week! Join us as we compare our surprisingly different playthroughs of Detroit: Become Human, Justin shares his first impressions of the Digital Sun’s brilliant new roguelite dungeon-crawling shop-management sim Moonlighter, and we chat with the Toys for Bob team about their Spyro Reignited Trilogy. Enjoy!

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Tetris Effect Adds A New Strategic Layer to the Decades-Old Game… And it Works

Posted by on Jun 25, 2018

Tetris Effect is, obviously, a Tetris game. What it less obviously is, though, is a culmination of Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s entire body of work.

In a turn of events that makes more and more sense the more I think about it, the man who launched Rez in 2001 and Lumines in 2004 — as well as multiple sequels and re-releases of each — has ended up in charge of a new Tetris game coming to PS4 and PS VR this fall. Tetris Effect blends the time-tested gameplay of Tetris with Lumines-style level themes and progression, wrapped in the Rez-like audiovisual bliss that can only come with a Mizuguchi-directed experience. Especially in VR with a nice set of headphones on, Tetris Effect is a perfect, inspiring fusion of the best parts of these three classic experiences.

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PlayStation Blogcast 297: Cyberpunk 20E3

Posted by on Jun 14, 2018

And… scene. E3 2018 has come to a close, and the gang got together to share their Games of the Show. Let us know what your favorite E3 Showcase moments were in the comments! And an extra-special thanks to everyone who tuned in to PlayStation Live From E3 2018.

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Tetris Effect Announced for PS4 & PS VR, From the Creator of Rez & Lumines

Posted by on Jun 06, 2018

You did watch our Tetris Effect announce trailer as part of PlayStation’s Countdown to E3, right? Well just in case, or if you want to see it again, check it out above (make sure you watch it in 4K if you can). I’ll wait.

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