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Aug 06

Aug 06

Qore Episode 3 hits PSN tomorrow

Susan Panico's Avatar Posted by Sr. Director, PlayStation Network

Episode 03 of Qore hits the store on 8/7 and it is jam-packed….

DC Universe Online
We go behind the scenes at SOE to give you all the latest on this MMO action game set in the DC universe. With Jim Lee’s involvement (he is the Executive Creative Director on the project), this is shaping up to be one of PS3’s biggest upcoming exclusives. Make sure you check out the concept art by Mr. Lee – it is really some amazing stuff.

NBA 09: The Inside
Our new “Qorespondent,” Audrey Cleo, travels to SCEA San Diego to get her game on with the development team behind NBA 09: The Inside. This year’s iteration introduces “The Life” mode to PS3, with developing stories for three different players and an all-new franchise mode.

Lego Batman: The Video Game
Veronica Belmont heads to Hollywood and the Warner Brothers’ back lot to see if she can find the Batcave and get TT Games to tell her all about the Dark Knight’s adventures in the land o’ Legos. Or, is she simply looking for Christian Bale?

Baja: Edge of Control
What happens when a 98 pound woman takes on an 800 HP Trophy Truck with someone named “Pistola?” Check out our feature on THQ’s Baja: Edge of Control.

New Downloadable Content
If you purchase Qore Episode 03, or an annual subscription, you are in for a real treat – with premier access to the Resistance 2 Public Beta. In addition, we’ve got an all-new PS3 Qore theme and new annual subscribers will also get Calling All Cars, the full game, for free!

In addition, we also wanted to answer a few of the questions you’ve had about Qore:

Q: Will I be able to re-watch episodes? How will back issues or previous months content be handled?
A: Yes. When you purchase an Episode of Qore, it becomes available in your Download List. You can then download it to your PS3’s HDD and view it as often as you like. In addition, should you decide to delete an Episode of Qore from your HDD, you can always go back to your Download List and download it again. This, however, may not apply to downloadable content that is associated with a particular Episode, as that content may have its own restrictions (i.e.: beta invitations and timed exclusives). As a side note – when you purchase multiple Episodes of Qore they all download to your HDD separately. So, it is possible to have as many Episodes of Qore on your HDD as space will allow – the latest Episode does not overwrite previous Episodes.

Q: Will Qore be compatible with PSP via remote play?
A: We are currently evaluating the PSP as a platform for Qore delivery.

Q: Does this mean that some older PSN titles will become available to download for Qore subscribers?
A: While we have no announcements to make at this time, we are evaluating other PSN titles as possible bonuses for new annual subscribers.

Q:Do we have to watch advertisements during the Episodes, or will we be able to skip them?
A: Currently, Qore’s advertising model is to allow our advertising partners 15 seconds of interstitial advertising (forced-run) in each individual advertisement before our users are given control and allowed to skip the advertising, should they so desire. Should you want more information on an advertised product, you can then go to the Sponsor’s page and watch a longer version/view additional content from that sponsor. In addition, the forced-run advertising is only active once per session – it will not reset until you exit Qore. This does not apply to advertisements that are delivered as banners or that frame editorial content.

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GarOp7g said:

August 7th, 9:05 pm

Maybe it starts your 12 months now…

Jugglz said:

August 7th, 9:08 pm

interesting never thought of it that way…. would this be true anyone?

r1labs said:

August 7th, 9:22 pm

I have a big issue with Qore hope someone will help. I jump on the year subscription. Now everymonth i have to delete and re download core to get the latest version? is that right? shouldent the content get updated as i logg in to the “game”, onother thing i original wanted quore for the socom beta but was never able to download the game, why? it was always unavailable. Not such a good start for quore in my opinion.

Enigma777 said:

August 7th, 9:34 pm

I just want to say that I think Qore is an epic fail. Not only are you charging for something that should be free, but its also covered in ads! WTF is up with that? I’ve never purchased an ep, and I don’t plan to.

You shouldn’t milk people for “valuable” videos (which u can get on the internet 4 free). The betas are the only reason anyone would EVER consider buying this garbage. Betas should be free, like how they were in the past. Stop being so greedy like M$!

Just my 2 cents…

Jast3r Rogu3 said:

August 7th, 9:44 pm

Cool stuff, i love Sony.

thedragonrider said:

August 8th, 3:50 am

as you seem to be bound and detirmined to ignore the question i’m going to keep asking.
you know that place that has bought more ps3s than anywhere else?
when do we stop getting stiffed by those halfwits at scee?

kristopher.w said:

August 8th, 6:09 am

i thought there was something said about a resistance 2 beta for the 4th episode of Qore judging from what i read from the Qore group on facebook? maybe i would be
great to have that in the palm of players hands sooner rather then later.its going to be a huge game.

Stoffinator said:

August 8th, 9:03 am

I just saw Qore Ep 3 and I must say, not worth its money. Not a lot of content and stuff you can’t see on the net for free. You guys really need to get exclusive “only on Qore” stuff going on and not count on people buying it to get into betas which should be free anyway.

Nightmare142 said:

August 8th, 9:50 am

OK now this is not fair i just paid for Qore Episode 03 yesterday, not the annual subscription and i did not see the edit where you have to buy the annual subscription. :( just great, now i have to to this the hard way.

zeke2040 said:

August 8th, 1:11 pm

Qore ROCK! i love getting qore every month… for much info, pic etc… that the best thing you playstation peeps have done for us… keep up the good work… you all rock!

DemonOfRazgriz89 said:

August 8th, 2:12 pm

this is bs. the original post said “If you purchase Qore Episode 03, or an annual subscription”. and now outta nowhere, the post gets edited with “Qore Episode 03” crossed out… like they’re saying “whoops! typo, my bad!” so sick of this stupid a$$ beta bs!

DemonOfRazgriz89 said:

August 8th, 2:13 pm

btw, the content is so lackluster, and Veronica can not act at all…

madcom8888 said:

August 8th, 2:16 pm

Greetings Sony

Where is my Qore? I got the June edition, no problems (and a great idea Qore is, i like it very much!). And then i made an annual subscription of it. I got the July edition with no problems. But now i see announced the Qore episode 3, but when i access it nothing happens: It do not appears in my download list. I have an annual subscription with it.

PSN: madcom88

Jaredu said:

August 8th, 2:45 pm

I was mainly excited simply for the fact of having the beta invite included in this episode, however seeing as how I do not have a yearly subscription, and I read here on the blog that if I got just the single episode, I went ahead and bought it.

Now I come back to check the blog today after reading on the gametrailers forums that this is not the case, and I find that the line that gave me hope has a line through it?

Does this mean that I just wasted my money on an episode of Qore? I wasn’t really iterested in anything but the beta invite in this specific episode.. This I’m quite dissappointed.. I don’t check the blog everyday, and I was sure that I was going to get in…. What should I do…

stennex said:

August 9th, 5:08 am

I subscribed to the annual package for Qore in June. Now that 3 is out why am i unable to download Qore episode 3. Does anyone else have a problem like me?

PSN ID: stennex.

andrellz said:

August 10th, 11:46 am

hey guys i bought Qore 2day and wen i try 2 download the games it said that its unavailable.. or i downloaded it already…y is that?

stewey said:

August 11th, 11:51 am

I just purchased an annual subscription the other day. Can’t wait for the betas to come out! I personally like Qore. The ads suck, but at least you can skip them after 5 seconds :D

stewey said:

August 11th, 11:52 am


You must be an annual subscriber to download the “Calling All Cars” game. Hope this helps!

rustyknife said:

August 12th, 5:30 pm

How come it won’t let me download Resistance 2 Beta? I have an annual subscription.

Roman0701 said:

August 13th, 11:01 am

Im confused. I dont have a year subscription to Qore if I buy just the August one do I get in the beta? said:

August 13th, 11:22 am

@169 it’s not out yet…
@170 yes, but a week(or 2) late…

frog99 said:

August 13th, 6:16 pm

@ stennex

I’m having the same problem. Qore wont auto download and when I click the ad in the PS store it brings up a blank screen

madbulltx said:

August 15th, 1:41 pm

I purchased Qore episode 3 this morning and its currently downloading I had hoped the over a gig file size meant that R2 beta was included. Now from reading I see that I needed to purchase the yearly subscription to get access?

Let me just say that if when I get home the R2 beta is not available I am going to be ticked. This is false advertising.

Look at this posting…

New Downloadable Content
If you purchase Qore Episode 03, or an annual subscription, you are in for a real treat – with premier access to the Resistance 2 Public Beta. In addition, we’ve got an all-new PS3 Qore theme and new annual subscribers will also get Calling All Cars, the full game, for free!

It says ‘or’ meaning one or the other..
The store front also does not say that the yearly subscription is needed. I am starting to feel pretty ripped off. If I knew I would not get any gaming content I would have just spent my money on another item from the store. Like an actual game. This is made of the weak sauce.

Hopefully I wont be making this mistake again. If I want to watch HD trailers for games. I’ll D/L the free ones from Sony. If I want to buy a game, I will just buy a game.

I would love to get a refund on this if no beta is included. Although I am sure that wont happen.

Thanks for the Tease. QORE & Sony.

fadet0black said:

August 18th, 1:28 pm

Thats some hardQore Gaming!
I’ve got A.D.D because of you sony!
-Love It-
-Sony Rocks-

Land Of Trill said:

August 18th, 1:38 pm

Force Unleashed Demo this Thursday

frog99 said:

August 19th, 8:48 am

@ Stennex

What you have to do is goto the playstation store and goto downloads. Top right tab. Scroll down to where the purchase of the annual subscription is and you will see all the current episodes available for download.

hopp said:

August 19th, 11:51 am

what a ripoff this qore crap im an annual subscriber and damn did i just get raped i have to say 1 thing for sony they know how to legally rape someone and good i paid 30$ for nothing i mean socom a week after the release(your putting that where)and ive said it before nothing in the qore is exclusive ive seen all of it online before the damn thing came out not exclusive.i like how you word it when it comes out to jam packed jam packed with what i see more on the damn blog give me a break

hopp said:

August 19th, 11:55 am

by the way what the [DELETED] are we downloading a mag each month but there seperate whats up with that you guys dont know what you are doing or you dont ask enough questions i know you dont test stuff thats for us to do crashing systems and all but anyways why is qore not attached to each other like say a maggazine is atatched together i mean this is digital anyways im just talking out my [DELETED] anyways cause yous dont care pce

NBCraftsman said:

August 25th, 8:57 pm


I just finished with “Qore3” very cool.

Some suggestions:

1.] Please include a screen scaling option similar to PJE &/or MGS4.

2.] Please add a program running time as part of the “pull-up display”.

3.] Consider including some type of a 3D asset viewer in a future episode so a developer could present say a new weapon or character model (again, similar to MGS4).

4.] Include exclusive game music download tracks.

Great program please keep it up…..peace.

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