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Nov 17

Nov 17

And We’re Back

Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar Posted by Sr. Social Media Manager

Here it is, the redesign of PlayStation.Blog. In addition to being more attractive, we feel that readers will find more of the PlayStation information you’re looking for with less of that tedious “looking.” Please click around, search for older posts through our new category drop down menus, and indulge with the new, super-convenient “All Posts” button. If something doesn’t work, please let us know.

Over the new few hours/days we’ll be working on sorting/organizing some of the categories, so keep that in mind.

So now it’s time for us to kick back (feet on the desk) and rest on our laurels until the end of the yea- oh wait. We’ve got more good things planned (stuff you’ve been specifically asking for) to come, and rather soon. We’ll keep you posted.

OK, back to your regularly scheduled posting.

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edwineverready said:

November 17th, 10:59 am

Thanks jeff it looks great. Now the blog is ready for all the people that will join the playstation nation this christmas.

perrandy said:

November 17th, 10:59 am

oh i forgot to say something,yesterday i was watching the heat vs the raptors and i saw an advertising for the ps brand which i was most pleased to for sports go i think the phins are going to give many a surprise in the playoffs….go heat and go dolphins

OLy said:

November 17th, 10:59 am

Awesome, Jeff. The new look is much better.

JordanBlack68 said:

November 17th, 11:00 am

Much better, nice one :)

edwineverready said:

November 17th, 11:02 am

Thanks jeff it looks great. the blog is ready now for all the people that will join the playstation nation this christmas.

BigVic said:

November 17th, 11:02 am

OOO I like how this looks. Sir, I am very impressed. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

Aaron said:

November 17th, 11:02 am

AWESOME!!!! :)

Parapraxis said:

November 17th, 11:04 am

Like the redisign, i browse this site and the forums a lot.
This is a question off topic, but I wanted to know if there is any way the PS forums could get a Community Manager. There’s a ton of questions/concerns/feedback on the forums which seems to me goes un-noticed. Gamers want to have a voice and I think the forums, like this blog, is a great opportunity for gamers to have interaction with Sony.

schwaa said:

November 17th, 11:04 am


Is gears 2 crashing online? I stopped reading other websites awhile back because of their shameless 360 pandering. Would be hilarious if it was but I bet everyone’s trying to sweep it under the rug.

NEwho, PS Blog looks great, I want Killzone 2 NOW, and I have a feeling we all might be getting something nice riiiight around christmas time (home, surprise KZ2 early release, or a slew of PS1 games on PSN). Here’s to wishful thinking!

StalkingSilence said:

November 17th, 11:05 am

Awesome changes, exploring the new stuff now.

Parapraxis said:

November 17th, 11:06 am

An edit button for comments would be awesome. Even if it’s a timed one (30-60 seconds to edit your comment.

Fersis said:

November 17th, 11:09 am

Good work Jeff.
My most awaited feature would be a :
‘Red posts counter’
I love the recent post section, very easy to find.

Jman8 said:

November 17th, 11:12 am


Jman8 said:

November 17th, 11:14 am

wow i didnt press enter and wasnt done with that so i appologize for this double post, but it does make me think, you should add an edit function to our comments.

**i love finally being able to see the older posts though!!, you should switch the older and newer buttons tho, older should be on the right and newer on the left.

seriously, like, def. hahah, like, do that. lol ok thanks. good job on everything else. keep up the awesomeness


November 17th, 11:17 am

Maybe I’m a bit late to posting today but I was out looking for an apartment. New changes are GREAT, The Blog looks so much more Professional. It’s nice to get updates, isn’t it Jeff. It’s very esthetically pleasing to the eyes. Everything is well within reach and the blog doesn’t resemble a jumbled mess anymore. Hey any word on when the Socom Blog gets and update? Also will there be a Playstation Home blog in the future.

Keep up all the great work Guys and Gals of Playstation.

p.s. Home Beta is GREAT!!!!!

Neil said:

November 17th, 11:17 am

Nice, though the right side looks a bit cluttered in my opinion. Too much text

Tsubakii said:

November 17th, 11:20 am


Skater_Ricky said:

November 17th, 11:21 am

I want to see our PSN ID’s be added to our Log In the Playstation BLOG.

Would Save the Pain and Spamming also have a more Private message if we needed to liked back to the Playstation Forms.

So others that are asking for help or need a quick fix that most of us Veterans Can answer.

WilliaM said:

November 17th, 11:21 am

Looks much better :)


November 17th, 11:22 am

Oh yeah before I forget and be rude to amy dear PS3.


You learned to crawl then walk and now you are running out in front of the rest of the crowd!


Torgo said:

November 17th, 11:25 am

What would look really good is the RSS Feed for our Podcast on the right side :-P

jazzyrider said:

November 17th, 11:28 am

Not bad – can we see avatars next to compete with m$ nxe? ;-)

C-h-a-o-s said:

November 17th, 11:29 am

Well I never use this word and I don’t know how it came to be but for this occasion I shall use it. This blog is smexy, very smexy. I like the archives drop down, now looking for older posts isn’t much of a pain. Very nice guys, you never cease to amaze me.

zakupilot256 said:

November 17th, 11:30 am

@torgo, yea and I would like to be able to post in red too. =P

LeoMindfreak08 said:

November 17th, 11:30 am

The link in QUICK UPDATES sendit us to a incorrect URL :


ghamdikh1 said:

November 17th, 11:32 am

Very sexy thanks Jeff FOR THE UPDATE.

Delriach said:

November 17th, 11:32 am

Looks nice. I like the banner.

C-h-a-o-s said:

November 17th, 11:35 am

Quick question, what happen to my avatar? I can’t click it to go to the website that use to hold it either.

JBruno said:

November 17th, 11:35 am

yeah, its better now…but Im still waiting for a PS ID personal page com stats, friends and trophies information.

Nick212004 said:

November 17th, 11:38 am

Not any drastic changes but it looks nice.

FritoZ said:

November 17th, 11:40 am

Man, two years ago i was standing in line to buy my brand spanking new PS3!!! Man time flies! What a great 2 years!

New redesign looks great!

everything is working and functional, and nice archives! even a news ticker at the top!
(Jeff- be sure to slip in some random goofiness every 100 or so newslink ticks, just to keep us guessing!)

I did notice the gravatars are alot smaller now, it’s kind of hard to actually see them unless you are right in front of the screen, and now that we can post via the PS3 with no problems, could we make em a bit larger again so we can see em on the screen across the room?

I kind of recognize alot of people here by their gravatars..

anyhoo- GREAT JOB to all involved!!

it’s like a fresh coat of paint and some new appliances for my home away from home (since i didn’t get in the beta)



NissanFlyboy. said:

November 17th, 11:41 am

looking great!

Zeo said:

November 17th, 11:42 am

nice! there is new features?

DMeisterJ said:

November 17th, 11:43 am

I like it.

Very minimalistic change, but functionality prevails.

BZKlint said:

November 17th, 11:45 am

I keep getting an “Invalid Username” error whenever I try to login via my PS3 :(

By the way, another feature that would be cool: (not neccessarily through the PSB) PSN messaging by computer :)

IceCold said:

November 17th, 11:45 am

This is good stuff, I like when Sony and other follow through with their word! Timeliness is unparalleled.

Rogerjak said:

November 17th, 11:46 am

Looks yummy!

FritoZ said:

November 17th, 11:48 am

Oh yeah, i don’t really know that much about WordPress, so forgive my noobness, but is it possible to skin wordpress, like on some forums?

then we could choose which version to load by saving cookies when we log in?

I love the blog, don’t get me wrong, but it would be neat to have seasonal themes, or game-specific skins..

or just some new colors? it is kinda color-deficient now, BUT it is easy to read, and that is the main thing, right?..

anyway, just another idea!

    Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    November 17th, 1:02 pm

    Holiday skins *are* possible, but not a priority right now.

Enforcer_X said:

November 17th, 11:50 am

Love it keep the updates coming!
Love the new banner!

lifeRPGs said:

November 17th, 11:57 am

When will we able to use our PSN IDs to comment in this blog?

gold5225 said:

November 17th, 12:01 pm

Nice new blog update and yes when can we have it so to post you sign in with your PSN ID?

LegendarySWE said:

November 17th, 12:01 pm

I like the new design.

neo_bahamut said:

November 17th, 12:01 pm


Pathard said:

November 17th, 12:09 pm

I think it’s awesome. It’s sleeker and I like the new colors. Most remain the same, but I like the newly added ones.

jared said:

November 17th, 12:10 pm

Subtle, yet better.

dehumanizer_666 said:

November 17th, 12:11 pm

Looks awesome! Good Job guys!

TheInfectedBy590 said:

November 17th, 12:13 pm

Digging the new look! :)
Though I miss the Red ‘P’ and the Blue ‘S’.

LukaX23 said:

November 17th, 12:21 pm


LukaX23 said:

November 17th, 12:23 pm

Ooooo. Stuff we’ve been specifically asking for? Whatever it is I can’t wait ;).

NEJI64 said:

November 17th, 12:25 pm

hey Jeff have you seen the gametrailers bonus round episode 28. they just slammed Home like it dont have a chance. i cant wait till Home put these people in there place. another thing will the PS3 browser will be using Google’s chrome anytime soon.

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