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Jan 16

Jan 16

UPDATED: Try Resistance: Retribution Two Months Before It Comes Out!

Cristian Cardona's Avatar Posted by Associate Product Marketing Manager, Software Marketing

You have heard a lot about Resistance: Retribution since it was announced at E3 2008. Whether it’s the innovative aim-assist, the pedigree of the development studio, the music by Gary Schyman, or the revolutionary Resistance Connect features; you know there is a lot that’s going to be packed in to a little UMD.

Resistance Retribution box front

We’re pleased to let you PlayStation.Blog readers know that right now, customers who pre-order Resistance: Retribution from Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, or Game Crazy will receive a voucher code granting them access to the Resistance: Retribution demo almost two months early! The demo features single player gameplay and the option to try Resistance Connect with both the Infected mode and Resistance: Retribution Plus.

With the exception of Game Crazy (you’ll have to pre-order in-store) below are links to pre-order at your favorite retailer. Keep an eye out for the BestBuy.com pre-order page that will be coming up at the end of January.

Direct to pre-order pages:

Pre-order in store only availability

And now some eye candy for you: some screenshots from the opening cutscene of the demo. Enjoy!

Resistance Retribution screenshot - Bouchard Story Intro

Resistance Retribution screenshot - Grayson Story Intro 1

Resistance Retribution screenshot - Grayson Story Intro 2

Update: How to Activate Resistance Connect!

1. Insert and load Resistance: Retribution on the PSP.
2. Insert and load Resistance 2 on the PS3.
3. Connect PSP to PS3 via USB Cable.
4. From “Start” menu on the Resistance 2 menu, select “Options”.
5. Scroll to “Connect PSP”.

From there, you can activate Infected Mode and Resistance: Retribution Plus!

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001 said:

January 16th, 8:04 am

Wow, it looks really good.

Divine said:

January 16th, 8:10 am

What’s the chances of us getting the demo/pre-order deal here in the UK?

    Cristian Cardona's Avatar

    Cristian Cardona said:

    January 16th, 11:50 am

    Keep an eye out! Our folks at SCEE should have some info for you in the coming weeks.

Snack_Eeter said:

January 16th, 8:14 am

Nice. It does look great. Can’t wait to try it out!

TouchyEd said:

January 16th, 8:14 am

It’s a pathetic and sad trend that game demos are now being used as “rewards for purchasing” rather than as a method for consumers to try the game (to see if they like it) prior to spending their hard-earned money.

You should be ashamed of getting involved in this tactic.

DG said:

January 16th, 8:25 am

@4 I fail to see why this is such a shameful thing for Sony to do. You realize that you can always opt out of buying the games you preorder and spend your deposit on any other game right?

Axecution said:

January 16th, 8:31 am

@5 indeed. You can also just get your money back. right after pre-ordering. Heck, you dont even really need to pre-order most of the time. I didn’t have a 5 dollar bill with me when i pre-ordered LBP, but i just asked for a Kratos code and he gave it to me.
Would you rather them just have free codes laying around the street for everyone? I mean, really, how else would you like them to do it. They are already releasing the demo to the store. The idea is that you get it early for being a major fan – enough of a fan to pre-order the game.

ftwrthtx said:

January 16th, 8:45 am

I’ll be pre-ordering it today. Thanks for the info

KazeEternal said:

January 16th, 8:46 am

I’m sorry but isn’t the point of creating a demo to give people the opportunity to try your game so they will pre-order and buy the game? All your doing is giving your pre-orders a chance to cancel their pre-order after they’ve made it. Then you’ve prevented those that would have given it a shot no reason to buy the game on release day.

Granted I was going to get this game regardless and will go for the pre-order. However you’re not convincing my try before I buy friends the opportunity when they’re the ones you need to convince not me.

CowboyDan said:

January 16th, 8:54 am

Played the demo last night. It is good stuff! I like that it has the narrated cut-scenes like the first Resistance.

Looking forward to playing through the full game.

Letters2Kay said:

January 16th, 8:54 am

I just traded in R2. Didn’t really like it all that much (LOVED the 1st one, though). Now I’m not sure if I’ll get Retribution since I won’t be able to access so much of the content. Maybe I’ll preorder it so I can try the demo and then decide if I want to buy it…

Kinda bummed.

    Cristian Cardona's Avatar

    Cristian Cardona said:

    January 16th, 11:53 am

    I\’d definitely encourage you to check it out, regardless. It\’s a very unique experience on the PSP and believe me, there\’s PLENTY of content in the game for people who might not own R2 or a PS3.

Stoffinator said:

January 16th, 9:01 am

Why don’t you just give us the demo and knock off this stupid “if you pre order” garbage?

StalkingSilence said:

January 16th, 9:01 am

Looks AWESOME! Excited that trying the demo early means there will be a demo released to everyone else at some point. I’m not big on pre-ordering, but looking forward to playing the demo when it is widely-released and hopefully buying the game when it comes out.

Letters2Kay said:

January 16th, 9:03 am


“Would you rather them just have free codes laying around the street for everyone?”

His point is that demos shouldn’t be coded downloads and should be available to anyone who wants to try the game- like through the PSN Store, for example. I kind of agree. It does defeat the purpose of the demo. Giving a demo as a preorder bonus is kind of weak. The best way to get preorders is to offer in-game unlockables, IMO. It IS better than nothing, though- and considering I usually preorder all of the games I buy, it is nice to see at least SOMETHING offered…

tearsofash said:

January 16th, 9:10 am

I don’t see why people complain so much. They use demos in this fashion to create more hype, and help businesses.

tengaport said:

January 16th, 9:12 am

I’ve always found the concept of giving demos to those committed to buying the game somewhat confusing, but it worked in this case as I have eagerly plunked down my cash for a pre-order from Amazon.com

Now, when exactly are those vouchers going to be coming over?

As a huge fan of both Syphon Filter PSP games I am very much looking forward to checking out Resistance Retribution.

depward said:

January 16th, 9:19 am

Big Resistance fan.. looking forward to R:R. WILL PREORDER for a demo – thanks guys (and gals)!

TristanMike said:

January 16th, 9:21 am

So as a Canadian I get the shaft, yet again… man I am sick and tired of Sony !

Stoffinator said:

January 16th, 9:27 am


We complain because people who pre order the game are getting the game anyway. A demo should be for those who are unsure of the game, there for sure be available to everyone. But Sony does this because it makes the numbers look good by saying “We have (enter number here) of this game on pre order”. Its stupid, make the demos available to EVERYONE.

Letters2Kay said:

January 16th, 9:28 am

@17 & other Canadian or European friends

Just FYI, this blog address is:


TheApprentice said:

January 16th, 9:30 am

I’m just wondering….
I live outside of US.

If I preorder from amazon.com will I get the code by email and then be able to cancel the preorder?

NathanJ said:

January 16th, 9:49 am

Loco Roco 2 and Resistance Retribution

Day 1

No demo needed for either.

DudeFX said:

January 16th, 9:51 am

@20, without a US credit card and billing address you can’t order on Amazon.com. Also the code is likely only to work for the US Store and finally, the chance to get the code is over. You had to order by 1/14/09, notice how the page no longer says “get your demo code.”

joel said:

January 16th, 9:53 am

When I get a black psp, I will start buying psp games..

Stoffinator said:

January 16th, 10:01 am


You are correct, but Canada does fall under SCEA. ;-]

leetfoo said:

January 16th, 10:02 am

WTF is wrong with you Sony? Demos are for people to play to see if they like a game, not a reward for purchases.

Jeigh said:

January 16th, 10:07 am

Wow, the PSP seems to push all of the assumed limits it has WAY back. God of War and Resistance certainly are doing the PSP good. Any new announcements anyone wants to bring up…? ‘Cause I’ve found that in any given year I’ve only a couple titles on the PSP to really get excited about… Kind of depressing actually…

sascha23 said:

January 16th, 10:13 am

Consider this game pre-ordered!

The PSP is getting back on track with proper games like Resistance: Retribution, Loco Roco 2, Patapon 2 and the JRPG offerings from Square and Sega this year.

Now, to make time to play these and my PS3 games this year without having a mental breakdown.

lakaihigh said:

January 16th, 10:26 am

this game looks awesome. i cannot wait to try this one. will there be a demo for this eventually without the pre-order?


NewYork214 said:

January 16th, 10:32 am

graphics are crazy for a PSP game. good job sony bend.

scorpio said:

January 16th, 10:32 am

I hope this is a great game like GOW and MGS on the PSP. I would love to play another triple a game on the PSP.

Elsa43 said:

January 16th, 10:36 am

.. nice to see a female in the screenshot! Apparently the entire female population wasn’t actually killed off! (One might have thought so after playing R2! LOL!)

ftown said:

January 16th, 10:39 am

“opening cutscenes” are pre-rendered.

Heavenly_King said:

January 16th, 10:43 am

When the game releases?? I want to know the precise release date plz so I can safe money for the game, instead of buying another one.


    Cristian Cardona's Avatar

    Cristian Cardona said:

    January 16th, 11:58 am

    The game releases in the US on March 17, 2009.

Letters2Kay said:

January 16th, 10:46 am


Touche… ;)

Seems like there’s a lot of comments (particularly from Europe) asking why other territories don’t have something or other. I figure there’s a EU.playstation.com they could visit to unload on someone actually responsible for their region. So I wasn’t aiming that at directly at you, just a blanket statement. Seemed like a good time to bring it up!

grognard66 said:

January 16th, 10:48 am

Demo’s are supposed to be a marketing tool to generate sales – not a pre-order incentive to those who already plan on buying the game. No wonder the attach rate is so low on Sony software.

Heavenly_King said:

January 16th, 10:52 am

Quit complaining about the demo. You will eventually get it, but later just like the demo of KILLZONE2.

aaronisbla said:

January 16th, 10:57 am

hey sony here’s a tip ( somewhat off topic but then again, not really )

There is this big championship game coming up, i think they call it the superbowl or something like that. Do yourselves a huge favor and advertise killzone 2 and this game in the superbowl commercials.

aaronisbla said:

January 16th, 10:59 am

@35: that has nothing to do with the attach rate, stop being ignorant, other systems do this also, besides, im not sure why its such a big deal

“but the huge evil cooperation is teh evilnesh!!!” shuttup and get over it

Enforcer_X said:

January 16th, 11:24 am

Wasn’t to long ago that demos didn’t even exist in the same capacity as they do now.

I think the demo system they use now is fine.
For those of us that know what they want and spend the money you get that little bit extra and play the game early.

For those of you on the fence you still get the demo, but either just before or just after release day.

I just got done playing the Resistance demo on my PSP for my lunch break.

It’s cool graphics are nice.

@The whiners
Keep whining here it keeps you out of my ear on the PSN while I ENJOY the games!

mr.eviltaz said:

January 16th, 11:36 am

This is what I am talking about. I love Resistance: Fall Of Man and part 2 so now I must get this one to complete the series.. Great job so far SONY..

I would like to know if ANYONE could tell me how to get an AVATAR for my blogs??? PLEASE?? I am not sure how to do it on here. I greatly appreciate ANYONES help on this matter.. THANK YOU..

Keep up the great work guys…..

Netweb said:

January 16th, 11:40 am

great boxart!
only on PlayStation :D

Brownber said:

January 16th, 11:43 am

@34 – Yeah there’s an eu.playstation.com – you been there recently?! It’s all pretty useless PR stuff. If there was a BLOG.eu.playstation.com then things would be different – Europeans could (and would) unload on somebody responsible for us. But there isn’t – and SCEE are pretty useless at letting anyone know anything!

So yeah – I think that’s why there’s lots of EuroTrash on here! Forgive us – we’re only jealous!


January 16th, 11:57 am

Demo’s f should be FREE, because you are buying a game and get a demo of it. Seems unfair. Demo’s should be in the ps store not some retailer. Come on guys are you trying to discourage us?

Kevyn.B.Grams said:

January 16th, 11:58 am

My most antisipated PSP game of 09. If you want my money this will be on PSN.

TheGuardian1973 said:

January 16th, 12:12 pm

After reading this, I got dressed, got in my Mustang, went to gamestop, preordered the game as I was planing to do anyways, and I am downloading the demo as I type, pure awesomeness sony, thank you!!! :D

    Cristian Cardona's Avatar

    Cristian Cardona said:

    January 16th, 12:24 pm

    Wow! Good to hear =)

    Let us know what you think!

wocyob said:

January 16th, 12:14 pm

yuuuummmm cant wait

bout time some psp love
just need to hear this kind of love at least once a month :P

also is that the graphics in the game or just for some videos?

    Cristian Cardona's Avatar

    Cristian Cardona said:

    January 16th, 12:27 pm

    Those are rendered cutscene images. Be sure to check out some of the CES coverage online or the game info page for game screens!

C-h-a-o-s said:

January 16th, 12:14 pm

I figured it out last night when I thought what the hell i’d try and infect to see what happens and I did and it was….AWESOME! Bend Studios aka Sony Bend is one if not thee best when it comes to shooters and the PSP both Syphon Filter games happen to be my favorite shoter titles so I had much faith in them and from the looks of it they pulled through once again.

drdre74 said:

January 16th, 12:15 pm

So is this going to become the standard for Sony? The only way to get a demo on a game that you’re not sure if you want it or not is to preorder a game you may not even like. People preorder a game that they know for a fact that they want. So the other people that may not have heard of the game before or on the fence about getting it have to commit to the preorder to get the demo to try the game out just doesn’t make sense to me. Sony is known this gen for doing some really bad marketing for games or lack of marketing and this i hate to say is another one of those.

rbanke said:

January 16th, 12:18 pm

Any word if this will also be available as a download from the store? These days, i dont care to carry around UMD’s.

TouchyEd said:

January 16th, 12:26 pm

It’s a bit like going to a shoe store and being told by the staff that you can’t try the shoes on until you purchase them and take them home. Once you’ve done that, if the shoes don’t fit, you can bring them back and get a refund.

If a shoe store did that to me, I’d say f-it, and shop somewhere else.

I’m not whining, just letting these developers know that they’re rubbing some people the wrong way. Money is tight these days, and developers should be doing everything in their power to convince people to buy their products. Not to piss us off with annoying sales tactics.

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